My Skincare Routine-Cleansers

Hi Everyone,

I know I promised this a while ago when I wrote my blog post on Are you destroying your own skin but better late than never! While writing this post I realized that I use multiple products from the each category. Ex I am currently using 10 different moisturizers,  7 cleansers etc. What I use each day depends on how my skin is feeling, if  I wore/ will wear make up or not, etc. So my skincare routine will be broken down into several parts to cover all of my favourite products

It is important to cleanse your skin and clear away any dirt or make up that can clog your pores. But if you have dry skin you will need a gentle or hydrating cleanser to avoid stripping away much needed oils from your skin.

I personally use:

51DB-OhN+GL._SX522_1)Neogen Milk to Foam Cleanser!
We have all used coconut oil at one point or the other on our hair/skin or to remove makeup. Coconut is amazing to both cleanse and hydrate which is why I prefer to use facial cleansers with it. This cleanser does an amazing job at removing make up and any impurities.

Watch this video to see how well Neogen Coconut milk cleanser removed my make up!

61OkZM-8lzL._SX522_2) Drunk Elephant Jelly Cleanser:
This is a gentle but effective cleanser with no harsh Chemicals. There’s no Essential Oils, Drying Alcohols, Silicones, Chemical Screens, Fragrances/Dyes and SLS. What I love about this cleanser is that is also removes make up. You don’t need to remove your make up with wipes/ remover then cleanse. You just go straight to cleanse. I personally still use eye make up remover before because I pack on my mascara. But if I’m too tired I just use the Jelly Cleanser. In my most recent trip, I packed the mini and this lasted all week and did not irritate my skin which was already struggling after the hours in the pool, sun and ocean.  Despite being powerful enough to remove your makeup without leaving reside,  it does not dry out or irritate my skin.

PSX_20181107_1125313)Neogen Pore Mousse  
gives you a deep clean to clear out your pores while being gentle on your skin. I use this instead of exfoilators (2x a week or after using make up). Unlike exfoilators with beads, Neogen Pore Mousse is gentle on the skin barrier and does not damage healthy skin in the process of removing dead skin and left over make up. I am always surprised by how much gunk is pulled out of my pores after cleansing each time I use this. A few of you may have seen me use this on my instagram live. I’m actually on my third bottle and still loving it. If you get this, you can use my code aviyr20 to save $$ on your total order at The Beauty Spy’s website

41OnMfZ4xvL4) CeraVe Hydrating Face Wash
Also Fragrance-Free, the CeraVe Hydrating Face Wash is made with hydrating ceramides (waxy lipid molecules) which prevent moisture loss and hyaluronic acid which replenishes moisture in the skin. This cleanser will not remove your make up, it’s best used a daily cleanser on summer mornings. It will remove sweat and dirty without stripping away your natural oils. It does leave your skin feeling fresh and awake.



5) Neutrogrena Hydro Boost Gel Cleanser: This soap, oil and paraben free cleanser, not only gently cleanses your skin, it also removes make up! It goes from gel to creamy lather! This cleanser is also packed with hyaluronic acid to replenish moisture. It leaves my skin feeling so clean but also refreshed.

What is your favourite cleanser? What sets it apart from all other cleansers you have tried?

Stay Beautiful,
Avi Y. R.



91 thoughts on “My Skincare Routine-Cleansers

      1. Thank you for asking me to read your blog and so far this is amazing but I specifically like it if you were to explain more about the waxy lipid molecules and what are it’s affect 👌


      2. Ceramides help form the skin barrier which protects from loss of moisture. Shriveling cells often result in fine lines/ wrinkles. Loss of moisture in the cells also hinders skin cells abilities to produces oils to keep your skin hydrated.


  1. Really nice what you say ,I used the drunkelephant jelly cleanser and I like it more when I used makeup leaves my skin so smooth ,thank you for sharing ❤️


      1. just click on the underlined text and it will lead you to a web listing of the product 😉 easy to find. I link the website where I find it cheapest


  2. I am so lazy lol. I use Marcelle micellar cleansing cloths. They’re so soft & super easy/quick. I use a toner after that catches any remaining dirt- pixi glow tonic or caudalie essence or toner.


  3. Your Skin really does look amazing! The Neogen Pore mousse is unlike anything else I’ve ever tried, I would have a lifetime supply if I could, but I feel lucky to have even gotten to try it. I really want to try the Coconut milk To foam cleanser, and Drunk Elephant anything has been on my wishlist for ages, lol
    There’s some really great drugstore recommendations in this article that I’ve got to check out now, Thanks!!


  4. Such a wonderful post. I’ve always admired & am a little jealous of your beautiful skin. Thank you for all you do and sharing helpful information.


  5. Thank you for sharing! I want to try that Neogen Pore Mousse so badly! I really struggle with large pores on my nose, my makeup settles in my pores and I get blackheads.


    1. I used to have that problem. I used to many pore strips before this. I not longer have black heads on my nose. Definitely give it a try. They ship worldwide


  6. I would love to try the Pore Tight as an exfoliate because I have very dry skin. I love a few cleansers as well so a favorite is hard for me. I really like the Cerve on no makeup days. I have a hydrating yogurt cleanser I like and I love the Farmacy Green Clean. I love the way my skin feels afterwards.


  7. You mention a lot that I also love, but the Neutrogena caught my eye because so many don’t really talk about drug store brands that much. I absolutely love a lot of Neutrogena products though. There’s so much of their stuff I have and use all the time.


  8. I’ve never seen such detailed review before. I really liked the first product as I have dry and sensitive skin. Wish this product was available in India ♥️


  9. I absolutely love the CeraVe hydrating cleanser . I’m new to skincare so this really helped me out. I’m going to pick up the Neutrogena face cleanser next. I hear everything drunk elephant makes is fantastic. Any recommendations for aging skin specifically?


  10. Loved the suggestions. I am hearing a lot of good reviews about drunk elephant products
    . Need to try more of those. I get so scared to try new products cause i have such sensitive skin


  11. Aahaa so that’s the secret of your smooth flawless skin. I got to learn a lot of good things from this. Seriously! Loved it! ♥️
    I have zero skin care routine and I have started developing open pores. So this pushed me to take care of my skin as well. Thanks Avi. Aptly written! 👏


  12. I adore the Drunk Elephant Jelly Cleanser! It doesn’t strip my face, and that’s so important as a dry skinned lady. It’s hard to moisturise when you’re already coming from behind. My winter bestie is Dermologica Precleanse. The best oil cleanser ever, took off my UD Perversion liner and mascara with no tugging, and still left my poor dehydrated, winter weary skin soft and smooth!


  13. I love the neutrogena gel cleanser! Lately I’ve been using grape seed oil to remove makeup and then a cleaner after! I definitely hope to find that perfect affordable one! Also the bliss jelly cleanser is fantastic!


  14. I use the cetaphil cleanser. I find it similar to the Cerave one? I really like it. Thanks for these additional ideas.


  15. Thanks so much for this! I use the Neutrogena Oil Makeup remover and love it. I always use it to remove my makeup before washing my face. I just like to make sure when I wash my face I’m not just moving makeup and dirt around!

    I recently was gifted the Sephora Drunk Elephant birthday gift set. It has the Jelly Cleanser in there and I love it! That and the protini moisturizer (I think that’s what it’s called), is the first drunk elephant products I’ve ever used and I definitely see why everyone is a fan! I definitely agree that the cleanser is really gentle, which I love! I also love Cerave washes and cleansers. They are so cheap and so gentle but work well!


  16. My favorite one is the coconut milk ,for me i clean my skin Whit coconut oil to take of my make-up and it feels amazing. Thanks bebe. ❤😍💋


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