I’m Avi and I am a beauty and lifestyle blogger on instagram. I grew my 80k+ following while losing 70+ lbs while being a foodie, and discovering skincare and make up post partum when my skin was literally revolting against me. For the first time in my life I felt self conscious about how I looked and I felt hideous. I needed to find away to live in my new body where my confidence was not shattered, and I didn’t feel nervous like I was stepping on a live tv whenever I had to go in public.   

When I started my skincare journey 6 years ago, my skin was so dehydrated that it was peeling off my face. I had acne because even though my skin was dry it was producing a lot oils to attempt to hydrate it. My skin shedding like a snake and broken out like a teenager.  I did not know about dehydrated skin, so I assumed my skin was skin was dry. For years I was using the wrong skincare products which just made my skin worse. Eventually I realized that the popular/ best ranked skincare products were not cutting it and I needed to take a step back from hyped up products and focus on my skin. 

On this page you will not only discover great skincare products, you will learn about their key ingredients, why they are good for your skin and how they can positively and negatively affect your skin. With skincare, there’s no one size fits all, your skin’s needs vary based on your skin type, your environment, your lifestyle, you diet and so much more. 

Over weight from two pregnancies and my skin literally mutating into this horror story, I was on a quest to feel beautiful again. I have learn’t so much about myself, my body and my skin on this journey and I hope that hope that this blog helps you become your best self!

Looking forward to getting to know you all!

Avi Y R