Yes Wet N Wild is Cruelty Free

Hi Beauties!

I have been seeing a lot of stories on instagram about Wet N Wild beauty. Apparently some are shocked to find that Wet N Wild products are sold in department stores in China where animal testing is required while claiming to be cruelty-free.

Brands can sell products in China and remain cruelty free! There seems to be a huge lack of knowledge about China’s animal testing requirement.
Here’s a simple breakdown on China’s animal testing requirement:
-All special use cosmetics (ex SPF, anti aging, hair dyes, etc ) must be tested on animals regardless of their country of origin.
-All regular cosmetics (eyeshadow, foundation, mascara) made in China and sold in China have no requirement to be tested on animals.
-Regular cosmetics Manufactured internationally and sold within China are required to be tested on Animal.
-Regular cosmetics manufactured internationally and sold to China exclusive via e-commerce (online only) are not required to be tested on animals.

Wet n Wild products sold in department stores in China are manufactured in China and as such are NOT required to test on animals. Wet N Wild is still on Peta’s cruelty Free list for cosmetics and nail polish.

Effective Jan 2020, China will no longer require animal testing on any cosmetics products and hopefully this will help clear a lot of confusion about what brands are actually cruelty free!

Hope this helps you understand that selling cosmetics in China does not mean a brand is not cruelty free. The picture is not black and white. You do need to find out what types of products are being sold and where they are manufactured before you can start making claims that a brand is torturing animals.

Stay Informed!

Avi Y.R.


34 thoughts on “Yes Wet N Wild is Cruelty Free

    1. Es maravilloso saber que wet n wild es libre de crueldad animal. Pues soy amante de los animales y realmente está es una de las marcas que más uso. Gracias Avir por esta valiosa información y por instruirnos siempre.


  1. Hi love!!! Thank you for sharing!!!! Wet n wild is my favorite drugstore brand and it’s good to know that China will stop testing in animals!!!! Love you!!!!


    1. Yes! We do need to be aware that selling in China does not automatically mean a brand is not cruelty free. That depends on the corporate ethics of a brand. Peta still stands by Wet n Wild and I personally find Peta to be a more credible source on the issue.

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      1. I agree! I’d definitely say Peta would b a more credible source! With the internet today, unfortunately anyone can say anything and it’s often seen as truth and fact. However it’s not fair to stand against a brand and post stuff about them abusing animals when ur not well informed, so it’s so great that u made this post to help educate ppl on the facts n show that there are different aspects that come into play, like what kind of products are being sold n where they’re being manufactured!


    1. You’re welcome. I saw a lot of miss informed reports floating around. I did dm several bloggers trying to make them more aware of China’s animal testing laws


  2. I love wet n wild, always have. So I’m really relieved that it’s cruelty free. 😍 thanks for keeping us informed!


    1. you’re welcome. I also love wet n wild and was a bit shocked when the stories started coming out. I am disappointed that a lot of beauty experts are not more aware of China’s animal testing requirements


  3. I was so happy to read this in my email a day or so ago, from you! The more companies that are cruelty free the better for our furry population. So happy to read this about Wet n Wild!! Great inexpensive products! Thank you 😊

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  4. This was such an eye opening article for me. While i don’t use this brand,I’m sure many people I know do so I shared it in case they’ve been misinformed


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