Mia Toro- travel in luxurious style.

Hi everyone!

I hope you all had a good week and have some fun trips planned for the summer. As you all know I recently travelled to Los Angeles, but what I may not have mentioned, is that I tested out some new products while traveling to share with you!

thumbnail_PSX_20190628_112746One of those products was a carry on from Mia Toro! I am so happy Mia Toro gifted me this carry on to review, it was so good that I immediately tossed my old luggage set when I returned home (that set cost me $130 last yr).  Mia Toro is now my go to brand for all my luggage needs. I personally thought that it was normal that my luggage rolled well while empty but not so smooth when it was full and completely weighed down. After all, all of my previous luggages were the same.

Luckily, I was wrong. The wheel system was just poorly designed. My Mia Toro carry on rolled smoothly both empty and full. Everyone who handled my luggage on the trip (my step dad, flight attendants, belly boy, etc) all went “oh wow! this rolls nice, where did you get it?” They were all on their phones in a minute noting the name or searching for Mia Toro online.

In addition to rolling well, Mia Toro carry on are beautiful, durable, sturdy and very well compartmentalized. The luggage opens in half and the top section zips shut to keep everything from falling out when you close it which is standard. But, the separation material looked more luxurious, and the zipper was so strong that even though I over packed the section, it squeezed the air out of my clothes and held it smooth.

thumbnail_PSX_20190628_113209I’ve literally shredded zippers in previous luggages because they were not capable of with standing the pressure of my compressed clothing.

They have many unique and fun designs to choose from: Click here to check them out.

You can save 20% off your order by using code AVIYR here : Click here

What is the most important thing to you, when you are picking your luggage?

I personally need: easy to roll, easy to spot and durable!


Safe Travels,
Avi Y.R.


77 thoughts on “Mia Toro- travel in luxurious style.

    1. Yes, With weight restrictions, you don’t need luggage that takes up too much of your weight budget. plus you have to life your own carry on to stow it


    2. I love my Mia Toro! I have a huge one I bought and it is a great suitcase! Sturdy and can hold 3 people’s items for a week! So many compartments for the one I bought also!


  1. Thank you for sharing!!!! My last luggage was a disaster!!!! I wi definitely check that out!!!


    1. Don’t forget to use the discount code to save $$. I have had 2-3 suit case fails for I know the struggle but never learn. After all when you pack for kids you need pack for a zillion scenarios


  2. Love the information About a good roller! I never been on A vacation, so i never had to buy myself A roller, but Reading this, i Know What to use when i have my weddingtrip next year 😍🤩❤️


    1. omg! congratulations on the upcoming wedding? Where are you going? If you don’t have your trip planned yet, let know I’ll see if I can get some ppl to help you plan your trip. I use this great agency for a cancun trip and it was my best trip ever!


  3. I got me interested!!!! I always have this problem with the wheels weighting down, but always thought it was normal, since all the luggages have the same problem. For me a luggage that easily rolls, pop up from the others and have a good durability is a must have


  4. One of these days the husband and I plan to travel, somewhere, anywhere, lol, and when we do, this is absolutely the type of luggage I want! It’s beautiful and functional 👌🏼I love the design of yours so much!


  5. The outside of the bag is really cute! ( I’m dying right now after scrolling to the bottom and in between every comment there is a picture of man’s big hairy leg and foot!!! Gross!! )


  6. Never heard of Mia Toro before and recently purchased Heys luggage which is fabulous! I went with purple easy to spot and rolls great empty or packed full! I love that Heys has a similar interior design as the Mia Toro. Thanks for sharing and happy you had a great holiday! I may have ended up with Mia Toro if I had read this before buying! Have a beautiful day!!


  7. I travel a lot and understand you. Makes a huge difference to have a good bag.this one looks good and pretty at the same time


  8. I have to have a durable and easy to roll luggage because I over pack. Yours has a gorgeous design and I think I will have to sneak a peak at the site. Thank you for sharing!!


    1. Well be sure to check out Mia Toro when you do. They design collection is always changing. I am obsessed with hummingbirds. we had to many in the yard when I was growing up!


  9. Great review of this brand. I’ve never heard of them but checked out their website. The most important things to me in a suitcase are wheels & that it’s expandable- always come home home with more stuff.

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  10. Yes, easy to spot and durable are my have to haves….I like for luggage to have lots of compartments, but not too many bc I tend to overlook spaces in my bags with too many pouches/compartment (s).
    Sending IG love (@takeashotgirl99)


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