Wasting money on higher SPF?

Hi Everyone!

With summer fast approaching, you may find yourself shelling out extra money for those higher SPF sunscreens. Better safe than sorry with it comes to UV protection right?

cropped-img_6321.jpgThe truth is, the SPF number on labels can be misleading.  SPF (Sun Protection Factor) 15, protects you from 93% of UV rays. SPF 100 does not protect you from 100% of UV rays which is why you can find SPF higher than 100.

So, why should you buy suncreen with SPF higher than 15?Some studies have indicated that some sunscreens do not provide the level of SPF protection they advertise. Which is why I recommend always using a Minimum of 30 SPF.

mediaAlso, it depends on how long you plan on staying the sun. Higher SPF allows you to go for greater periods of time before you need to reapply. If you work indoors then the SPF 15 found in most make up should be sufficient. But if you plan on heading to the park for a few hours then you may want to reach for that SPF 50.  I personally have SPF 15, 50 & 85. I always use SPF 50 on my face (because both of my face sunscreens -from Clarins and Lancome- are in SPF 50). Most other sunscreens leave my face oil and cause breakouts, so I rely on these two. They are also great if you plan on applying makeup above your sunscreen. On my body, I use spf 85 when we go to the Park, or swimming. I personally like Neutrogen SPF 85 Lotion . 

media-1Please make sure that your SPF is broad spectrum so that it protects you from both UVA and UVB rays. A lot of sun screens only protect from UVB rays but not UVA. While UVB is mostly responsible for sunburns and skin cancer, UVA also contributes to skin cancer risk and penetrates deeper into the skin and causes premature aging! Many of us spend too many hours in the sun thinking we are protected by our sunscreens when it’s only doing half the job.


Please make sure you are fully protected this summer!

Stay beautiful,
Avi Y.R.




44 thoughts on “Wasting money on higher SPF?

    1. Personally I think it should standard for all sun protection to be broad spectrum instead of manufacturers misleading consumers. Thank you for the great info.


      1. They should it’s because sunscreen was originally developed to protect from sunburns way back in 1936. It’s only recently that cancer research has changed the direction of the product formulation. I have noticed that more brands are switching to broad spectrum formulas in recent years


  1. Quite informative post. Definitely helps to choose the right sunscreen from an aisle at supermarket containing 50 different kinds.


    1. I know, it can be so confusing So many people just buy whatever is on sale or most expensive. We are told to wear sunscreen all the time, but no one says what type we should wear


  2. I didn’t Knew this, but i rarely buy sunscreen… i can’t sit in the sun, Get migraines immediatly and after 5min i am so red of A tomato… apperently extra signs from my fibromyalgie i Have…
    Tnx for the info for my fiance and kid ❤️💋🌹


    1. well did you know the sun is actually strongest when it snows? The snow reflects UV rays and doubles your UV exposure. Sunscreen is important year round!


  3. Very good post! I especially like that you can use makeup on top of the Clarins & Lancome sunscreen. Thank you. I cannot emphasize how important sunscreen is. My father in-law is currently on treatment 2 for skin cancer. He’s not someone who ever laid on the beach but was very active playing tennis outdoors a lot & has used sunscreen ever since the dangers of the sun were known but those early unprotected years is what we suspect caused it. We are confident he’ll make a full recovery but please everyone, wear sunscreen!!


    1. yes. a lot of times kids sneak into the yards and play unprotected or do not reapply after being in the pool for a while. it’s never too early. My kids have to exit the water every 30 minutes to reapply sunscreen.


    1. I am a civil engineering student and actually work 24/7 under sun. I was wondering how to choose a good sunscreen. I googled myself and just went with the flow. Now I know how to choose the best. Thanks for educating me. This is really helpful to me and all the other people who goes under sun!


    1. That depends on how long you will be in the sun. But yes 30 is fine if the SPF 30 is actually spf 30. Many studies have found that the spf in some sunscreen is actually lower than what the bottle says


  4. Thank you.. This reaally cleared alot of confusions i had regarding sunscreens.. I dont really like them because it makes me Sweaty but i know its important.


  5. Thankyou so much.. You have helped me to buy the right product for myself. And this information was something new to me!!


  6. Thank you for sharing !!!! People want to get darker in the summer time and forget how important is the sunscreen!!!! We have to use all year round!!! How dangerous it can be for your skin causing all kinds of problems!!!!


    1. yes, tanning sound great until you find out it causes premature aging of your skin. That seems to worry people more than the risk of cancer. And the snow reflects a lot of UV rays so when you make not feel hot it’s most important to wear sunscreen on snowy days.


  7. I didn’t even realize there were different types of sunscreen SPF I knew there was different strengths its crazy they tell us stuff to scare us but only tell us a small portion


  8. Oh gosh! Really? I didn’t even noticed it… but thank God I have used ‘Hollywood Style’ sunblock and went to picnic and it was so amazing, my skin didn’t get sunburned🔥 but now I am not using any sunscreen so this blog will help me to get my next sunscreen💕


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