Dehydrated Skin

Hello Everyone!

I hope the new year is treating well. Today we will talking about a skin problem that many do not know they suffer with. It’s often misdiagnosed because the symptoms can mimic that of dry skin or oily skin. Dehydrated skin occurs when your skin does not get sufficient water to maintain healthy cell function.

cropped-16880891_10155021759009913_8892139_o.jpgWhile the skin is the largest organ in the human body, it is the last to receive nutrients that we consume. So that 8 glasses of water you religiously drink may not be enough for you. Truth is you do not necessarily need 8 glasses of water, some of us need more or less depending on how our body processes the water or our lifestyle. Water exists my system way too fast to be properly absorbed so I need to drink more than 8 glasses. My problem comes from too much coffee and a low sodium diet. It’s personally easier to drink water than to change either of those triggers.
It took me a long time to figure out that despite consuming copious amounts of water, my skin was dehydrated. I had terribly dry skin. My face was peeling off. I applied face masks daily and went through a bottle of face moisturizer in under 2 weeks. Nothing helped, I was desperate, my skin burned, my cheeks were red and irritated and my make up was peeling off my face less than 2 hours after application and it looked hideous before I even arrived at my destination.

47586017_285543145485333_7780954234847685144_nI finally figured it out while talking to a friend who was struggling with her oily skin problems. Her skin was producing excessive amounts of oil but to me her skin looked dry. Her skin was also peeling something, she had acne cause by the oiliness and it seems like every product she used to control her skin’s excessive oil production only made things worse.PSX_20181009_145956

We both had dehydrated skin. My skin was just dry but her skin was producing excessive oils trying to compensate for dehydration.Β  Dehydrated skin presented very different symptoms that were indicative of different skin care problems in two friends, this is why it’s often misdiagnosed. Unfortunately my friend suffered for years before we figured it out and I had a long six months of my face falling off. But we figured it out and we are both doing better.

15000071_1446214645407833_7416214010814483815_oI added some sodium to my diet and drink an extra 16 oz of water for every cup of coffee I consume. I use gentle milk based cleansers, I DO NOT use any face scrubs or exfoilators, rather, I use hydrating mud masks 1x a week. But most importantly, I used moisture barrier which protects your skin’s outer layer and helps your skin retain moisture.

42492199_2281925125170110_925331329325727744_o.jpgFor my friend, she is in her late teens and her problem was simply caused by not drinking water and favouring caffeinated beverages. She switched to decaffinated soda and added 8 glasses of water a day to her diet and after time her skin started to look health again. Her skin is still a bit oil, but not excessively. Her acne is clearing up and her skin is getting smoother and softer.

Skin cells are 64% water, it is important to make sure that try receive sufficient water. If you have been unknowingly dealing with dehydrated skin, I hope that this information helps you self diagnose and hopefully work towards finding solution for your skincare problems.

21433219_1800228456673115_3309511862397848456_n.jpgIf you have dehydrate skin, here are a few steps you can take to heal your skin:
-Avoid Caffine and alcohol
-do not use harsh cleansers
-Rinse, do not wash your face in the morning.
– avoid long hot steamy showers, try to use cool or lukewarm water
-use oil based lotion to hydrate and repair your skin at night
-use a humifier if you have the heat or AC blasting in the room
-consume for rich in essential fatty acids
-increase your water intake.

Stay Beautiful,

Avi Y R


59 thoughts on “Dehydrated Skin

    1. This is so amazing, I’m def writing down all the tips you have in the blog, my skin gets so dry in winter it starts to ache and become flakey. Thank you so much for always being so genuine in your blogs and so so helpful ! Keep doing you sis!


  1. Thanks for the great infom I thought that was my problem, but my doctor told me my medication is drying out my skin. I will definitely drink extra water so I so not have to contend with both issues. Again, thank yoi!


  2. I have combination skin, and lately very dry also.
    I also have made some changes in my diet and added water in it as well as my skin has had patches of dry skin due to too much caffeine consumption and not enough water.
    Thanks for the tips love and I am glad you and your friend are seeing changes from doing the same.
    Happy New Year to you both and here’s to 2019 being a better, more hydrated year for all of us.
    ❀ Karmen


  3. I have extremely oily skin! I drink tons and tons of water daily! I have never had a problem with dry or dehydrated skin. Thank you so much for all the information though! I will be sure to share it with my friends!


  4. Awesome content as always. My skin has always been terrible during season changes since I gave birth to my first child. It was apparently seasonal atopic dermatitis which I’ve been dealing with almost 19 years.
    Now I’m experiencing the same symptoms as you had but it’s not because I don’t drink enough water but I’m being told is from the various medications I take.
    Any tips or possible solutions you might have on this would be greatly appreciated. I follow your Instagram @hipchickvaper if you think of literally anything that might help.
    Keep up the awesome content.
    Thanks for all you do 😊


  5. Thank you so much Avi. I was trying to figure out what was happening to my skin as well. It seems I have a combination of both you and your friend’s symptoms. So I will definitely implement your recommendations and take it from there. Do you have any recommendations for how to get pores on the face to close?


    1. yes! many people with oily skin struggle to accept that they need to moisturize. But if your skin is over producing oils, it’s clearly to compensate for something it’s lacking.


  6. Hi Avi 😊
    I have dehydrated skin and I know I have to drink lots of water but sometimes I get to buisy that I forget to drink water. How can someone forget to drink waterπŸ˜”
    I was struggling with oily skin, buying so many unnecessary products and finaly I came to conclusion that I drink coffe and juices but no water. Now my skin is better and going for better. I only have to find products that fit my skin.
    Love Your blog and I cannot wait for the next post.
    Greetings from Croatia 😘😘😘😘


    1. Hi Danielle, see if you can find Mamonde narcissus moisturizing cream. I have a post on it back last year if you scroll through my blog. It really helped. Also watermelon helps


  7. This was so amazing! I have dehydrated skin and besides adding more water, I haven’t really known what else to do, so this was so great to read as it was super informative! Thanks so much! πŸ’•


    1. consumer foods with more water like water melon, and adding a bit more salt have help your body retain more water.

      Look for skincare that focuses on dehydration and not dryness. moisture barrier is a good term to look for. Products with moisture barriers help your cells retain water.


  8. This is. the reason why we all need to drink more water to sau dehydrated. And water benefits a lot of good things and thanks for sharing love.


  9. This is definitely what I needed to read! I need to drink water a lot more, I’ve gone a whole day without water!! I just bought tatcha water cream and it really helps, but I’m sure after drinking water I’ll see even more change!


      1. they are usually completely absorbed into you skin. and most of the time, we wash it off to reapply the exact same moisturizer. I don’t think it goes bad sitting on your face for 12 hrs. Unless you used an over night mask, if you have product sitting on your skin in the morning you’re probably applying too much.


  10. I love to see how your children enjoyed that beach that is rich .. but I liked the yacusi as never to leave relax.


  11. Such great info! My skin is dehydrated. I drink diet drinks (the sugar makes me feel nauseous so I switched a long time ago). I feel like I drink enough water, but I’m going to be paying for attention!


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