Narcissus, super Hydro powers!

Hi Luvs,

Today we will talk about Narcissus, a super flower that is great at storing water. “Once in bloom, Narcissus flowers have the ability to circulate hydration between multiple flower heads” [1 ]. Narcissus has a history of being used in herbal medicine (particularly Japanese) but lost its popularity because of the toxins that it contains.  If ingested, Narcissus can cause poisoning in humans. But science is amazing and now they are able to extract to the virtues of this plant without the allergens or toxins.

One brand that has studied the Narcissus flower extensively and have created amazingly hydrating skincare products with Narcissus extract is Mamonde! Mamonde has its own flower garden where they spend years studying flowers in a natural setting. Because of this, they are able to harvest flowers not only at their peak but also at the ideal time in the day to harvest each individual flower! “Just like the Narcissus Flower that holds onto moisture, [Mamonde] utilize low molecular Hyaluronic Acid that results in holding more optimal moisture levels for intense moisture in even the most dehydrated skin.”[2]

I personally use 2 products that Mamonde manufactures using Narcissus extract: The Floral Hydro Cream and Narcissus Flower Lab Essential Sheet Mask.

PSX_20180411_152403The Narcissus Flower Lab Essential Sheet Mask:
What I loved about this Mask, it is super hydrating, plus after 1/2hr the sheet mask was still moist. So there was no fear that it would dry out and draw moisture from the skin. Added bonus, there was enough fluid left in the packet for 2 more applications (I applied it like a regular mask, not a sheet mask, just paste it on your face and neck). My skin feels so soft and smooth after each application and my face was glowing. Definitely dry skin approved.

PSX_20180411_152058The Floral Hydro Cream:
This is my new daily moisturizer. I fell in love with it the first time I tried it. It’s hydrating but light weight. Many moisturizers for severely dry skin are so thick with oils, they clog my pores and cause acne. With the Floral Hydro cream, my skin breathes freely and I have less break outs. You have to feel it to believe it!

I received both of these products complimentary from Mamonde to review. Prior to this I never thought about the hydrating properties of The Narcissus Flower. Now I’m going to be on the look out for more moisturizers made with extracts from the Narcissus flower. If you see any body lotions made with it, please send me a link, I definitely need it.

Have you tried any products made with Narcissus Flowers? After reading the blog post, do you think you will?

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    1. Wow maam sounds super cool seriously u give osome explaination its so nice to hea from u lik a said bfr u shud go for writin a book maam seeiously ua too great ….. Following u everywer coz ua big fam ….. Frm a long time … Jus changed my insta name coz my insta acc was hacked n ppl tuk my pics so changed it to zoyaaakhannnn


    2. I love your review on this flower, looks really good. You are right science has advanced surely. I have never tried it but I like products that are natural. I feel nature has all the secrets. 💕


  1. I Love narcissus flowers. I didnt know about all their properties but my granny used them to make salves when I was younger. So last spring I used some in a toner I created and it came out really nice. It added a nice element to the scent along with my roses, chamomile and lavender and since I have sensitive skin I think it helped in the soothing aspect as well.


      1. I really love to read ur review and this skin mositurizer looks so beautiful the packaging is so beautiful💋💋❤


  2. I found this so fascinating & never knew you could use the flower in skincare because I knew it was poisonous if consumed. Being that bit older I find my skin can dehydrate a lot so this sounds like it could be beneficial to me.
    Thank you so much for this review, I loved reading it


  3. Very interesting. I’ve never even heard of this before, but I will absolutely be on the look out now for it. Thanks!


  4. So cool that they have their own flower garden for study abs use!! I’ve never used (or even heard of) the Narcissus flower. It sounds amazing though and I’d definitely give it a try after reading your review 😁


  5. So cool. I never really knew about this flower but now I’ll definitely do a research for body lotion with this in it as an ingredient for my dry skin 😍


  6. These sound amazing and I have very dry skin. I am very interested in the products and thank you for the very detailed review of their benefits. You are as always amazing and I feel blessed to be apart of your journey. xx nbbennett1011


  7. I came to know about this flower after reading your blog post. Thank you so much for sharing the information. I did not have any knowledge about the flower and its usefulness and poisonous nature before. Do you know if the flower is available in any other place except Japan?


  8. Very interesting read !!! such an intriguing review !! I have never heard of this flower thank you for the Thorough and honest review you do a wonderful job on your blog I really enjoy it!!


  9. My face tends to dry out a lot specially when it starts getting hotter outside. Thanks for your review I’m gonna have to look into getting me some😊


  10. No, I haven’t ever tried. I just known about Narcissus flower today. Yea, I would love to try someday, moreover the Hydro Cream. It sounds good. Does it have good fragrance? 💚💞


  11. This is the first time i Am hearing about this flower… I must tell you @aviyr you are a powerful influencer and your reviews are honest ❤


  12. Are you using this product in your skincare regime? I would like you to write a blog on the hair mask for curly hair you had posted earlier


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