Blue light for Acne!

Blue light devices that you can use at home as part of your skincare routine are becoming increasingly popular. But with their high price tag, it’s very important to figure out if they are worth the investment.

What does Blue Light Therapy do for your skin? Blue Light therapy has been shown to kill acne causing bacteria without any side effects or irritation to your skin..

How does Blue Light Therapy work? Blue light activate chemicals inside acne causing bacteria which causes the outer walls of the cell to rupture, effectively preventing them from forming acne and other imperfections!

Sola Wave sent me their Advanced Skincare Wand with Blue Light Therapy and Serum Kit ($181) to review and after incorporating blue light therapy into my skincare routine, for three weeks (5 times a week for 5 minutes at night), this is my experience.

My personal experience: I noticed immediate results with my acne. Any pimples that were deep under the skin or starting to form disappeared in roughly 36 hours. And large puss filled acne subsided within 72 hours. There was no acne scaring left behind. This worked for both hormonal acne and acne caused by clogged pores.

Do I recommend this device? No, after 10 uses, the device started malfunctioning and would not work without me holding the light head rather than the handle. It’s significantly less convenient to manipulate this way, plus with an over $100 price tag I would expect the device to work as intended for more than 10 times. There’s a 1 year warranty for the device that should get your device replaced if it acts up, just make sure you save your receipt and use it soon after purchasing to make sure it works.

Do I recommend Blue Light Therapy for treating acne? Yes, it honest worked faster than any serums or acids and my skin was not irritated. It may be pricey but if you have a good device it should last you years vs the serums that last months so the cost should work out!

What do you think about using blue light therapy for acne?

Stay BeYoutiful,
Avani (Avi) Y.R.


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