East Sound Lane Review

East Sound Lane is a clean all natural skincare brand founded by Allie to create luxurious toxin free products that will leave your skin healthy and glowing. Your skin is the largest organ on your body and what you put on it often winds up in your blood stream. Currently in the US, the FDA bans 11 ingredients from cosmetics & skincare as opposed to Europe that has over 1320 ingredients banned. Unfortunately most consumers do not look at the ingredients list before purchasing a product, and often many of us do not take the time to learn about each ingredient in our products because the list is endless. It is possible to get safe and effective skincare without harmful ingredients and this year I will be do my best to share as many of those brands with you as possible.

East Sound Lane gifted me 5 products to try: Kangaroo Flower oil, Seabuckthorn and Carrot Seed Serum, Skin Silk Serum, Antioxidant Serum with Cherry Superfruit, Hibiscus & Vitamin C, and Floral Toning Elixir with Hibiscus & Rose. I used these products for well over a month before writing this review and these are my thoughts.

Kangaroo Flower Oil with Kakadu Plum $92 :

Ingredients: kangaroo flower extract infused into 100% pure Kakadu Plum Oil.

What you need to know: Kakadu Plum has the highest concentration of Vitamin C of any fruit on the plant. Vitamin C stimulates collagen production, diminishes fine lines, and possibly thickens the dermis. It also is an antioxidant, so it protects cells from damaging free radicals caused by UV exposure! (This does not replace sunscreen) Kakadu Plum contains both Gallic acid and Ellagic acid which calm irritated skin while strengthening the skin’s outer barrier. This makes it the perfect face oil to seal in your skincare routine if you suffer from acne or any inflammatory skin disorders such as eczema. I personally had two periods after I switched to this face oil and I have 0 hormonal acne this time around.

Seabuckthorn and Carrot Seed Serum $78:

Ingredients: Seabuckthorn Seed oil; carrot seed oil; rosehip oil; wild beach rose water; aloe vera; tocopherol (vitamin E); hyaluronic acid; niacinamide (vitamin b3); leucidal liquid complete (natural preservative made from fermented radish)
What you need to know:
Seabuckthorn Seed oil has anti-inflammatory properties, so it’s also great for anyone with acne, eczema, psoriasis and rosacea; but it also promotes hydration, elasticity, cell regeneration.
Carrot Seed Oil has antibacterial, anti-fungal, anti-inflammatory, and antioxidant properties. This oil aids in anti aging by preventing the break down of health skin cells.
Niacinamide (Vitamin B3) Helps build keratin which keeps your skin firm and health. It also helps with redness, reduces pore appearance, minimizes fine lines and wrinkles, treats acne, protects against sun damage, helps with hyperpigmentation, and regulates your skin’s oil production and retention (which makes it suitable for both dry and oily skin)
I use this serum every night before the Kangaroo Flower oil. If you have acne or sensitive skin. I highly recommend pairing this duo, a little goes a long way if you are looking.

Skin Silk Serum $80:

Ingredients: local picked blueberries & blueberry extract; blueberry oil; deionized water; aloe vera water; hyaluronic acid; Niacinamide (vitamin b 3); Leucidal Liquid Preservative (made with fermented radishes); xanthan gum 
What you need to know:
Blueberry Seed Oil is high in omega 3 fatty acid, high in Vitamin A, B complex, C and E. It improves your skin’s elasticity, reduces wrinkles and dryness. The Blueberry Extra is a potent antioxidant and promotes healthy skin cells. It hydrates, increases elasticity, protects against UV radiation, and also helps reduce redness and hyperpigmentation! I believe by now, everyone has heard about Hyaluronic acid and it’s benefits to alleviate dry skin and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. And I won’t bore you by repeating the benefits of Niacinamide listed above. I love using this serum in the day, my skin stays hydrated all day long!

Antioxidant Serum with Cherry Superfruit, Hibiscus and Vitamin C $56:

Ingredients: Hibiscus & Rosehip hydrosols; cherry kernal oil; hyaluronic acid; L-ascorbic acid (vitamin c); Aloe vera (entire leaf); aloe vera water; vitamin E; leucidal liquid complete; xanthan gum 
What you need to know: Hibiscus has naturally occurring AHAS to boost cell turn over. It leaves your skin smoother. The Cherry Kernel oil is rich in vitamin A, antioxidants and oleic & linoleic acids. Aloe Vera is anti inflammatory, rich in vitamins A and C and contain anti oxidants which makes it effective in treating acne and dry skin. I honestly really love that they have so many products for dry acne prone skin because a lot of acne products dry out your skin and if your already have dry skin like me, it can wreck havoc on your skin.

Floral Toning Elixir $32:

Ingredients: Hibiscus & rose hydrosol; rose infused witch hazel; hyaluronic acid; l-ascorbic acid (vitamin c); leucidal liquid (fermented radish)

What you need to know:
Rose infused Witch Hazel is great for controlling oil production, tightening pores, locking in moisture and keeping out free radicals. This toning spray is great to spritz before your skincare and throughout the day to keep your oil levels in check.

Did you know about East Sound Lane before reading this blog post? What products are you adding to your wish list? Please let me know in the comments below if there are any specific Clean skincare brands you would like me to review next!

Stay Be-You-Tiful,
Avi Y.R.


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  1. Wow these all sound amazing. And I love reading about new brands that really are serious about their ingredient decks!!!


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