Flexpro Meals Review

Hi Everyone!
I recently became a flexpro meals affiliate which means that I am able to review their meals for you and hook you all up with a 20% discount off your first order with my affiliate code AVIYR . You all know that I am a huge foodie and I have been using flexpro meals on and off as needed since February 2014.

Burrito Bowl by FlexPro Meals

If you do not know what flexpro meals is, they shipped low calorie fully cooked meals to your home. There are two options, Fat Trimmer VIP $7.49 /meal and Lean Muscle VIP $8.49/meal . The difference between these two options are the portion size and calorie count. Both will keep you under the 2000 calorie intake but the Fat Trimmer is roughly 500 Calories per meal and the Lean Muscles meals is roughly 700 per meal depending on your meal choices.

Backyard BBQ by FlexPro Meals

Unlike other meal subscriptions, you can choose your menu. Every week they have roughly 29 options to choose from! There are everyday faves such as chicken parm, tacos, burgers, to exotic options such as thai noddles, butter chicken and keto mangolian beef, yes there are keto options!

The food is delicious. The kids love it too. Now that I’m home schooling two kids, these are a household staple. I do not have time to make lunch during the day so if we do not have leftovers from the night before, I pop some flexpro meals in the microwave. Check out their website for more info on their meal options https://www.flexpromeals.com/ !Don’t forget to use my code AVIYR to save 20% off your first order.

Happy eating,
Avi Y.R.


4 thoughts on “Flexpro Meals Review

  1. Ooooh girl, this looks soooo good!! I would definitely love to try the Fat Trimmer plan!! Hopefully I’ll be able to once I can afford it! It’s a really great price per meal!


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