Yaheetech 32 Inch Fire Pit

Hello Everyone,

I hope you are all well and keeping your spirits up as we navigate through this pandemic/ financial crisis. Personally my entire routine, schedule and plans have all gone out the window and I’m working on finding some sort of stability. I have been spring cleaning and setting up our backyard as a means of distraction.

A few weeks ago Yaheetech reached out to me to collaborate and I requested their fire pit. I had been eyeing it for a while and I had it in my shopping cart. I was actually going to order it for my anniversary which is this week but I can’t complain about getting it complimentary earlier. It was part of our 4th of July celebration and the kids love gathering around the fire pit and roasting marshmallows.

I personally love that it’s very light. I was able to assemble the entire thing by myself. While it is installed in the pool area, we are able to move it around the property for riverside evenings, backyard camp fires etc. And I’m able to carry it around by myself. The tray easily removes to dump out the ash so it’s easy to clean. It’s comes with a weather protector, I personally keep it covered whenever it is not in use. And while the entire structure is metal, the ledge surrounding the fire does not get hot. The longest we’ve kept a fire going in the pit is 5 hours. I do not leave the pit unattended and I usually put out the fire when I’m done, rather than leaving it to burn out.

4th of July Camp Fire burning bright through the night!

I’ve also grilled on my pit by simply placing a grill on it. Despite not having a cover, it does a good job of cooking thin sliced meat.

Grilling Salmon and Italian Sausages.

I’m planning on getting outdoor seats for the pool area, which do you all think will go best with my fire pit? Option 1 or Option 2 ? Comment below and let me know which you like best!

You can use code AVIYR to save 5% off any Yaheetech order! And visit their blog for more amazing home decor tips.

Stay safe everyone,
Avi Y R



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