Edorai Silky Sensual Foot Cream

Hi Everyone!

Warm sandal days are coming, are your feet ready? Mine certainly were not but thankfully I discovered Edorai Soft, Silky, Sensual foot cream which which has transformed my feet in a few uses. #ad

I was on the market for a new foot cream because my feet were really dry and coarse to the touch. I literally needed one of those harsh filings at salon. I received this foot cream to test out and I am honestly blown away by the results. How did I not know about this brand before?

PSX_20200415_160644.jpgEdorai Soft, Silky, Sensual foot cream is not a thick heavy cream, the formula is light so it spreads easily and is absorbed quickly. A little goes a long way so 1 jar will last you a few months even with daily use. It is made with shea butter, jojoba and eucalyptus oils. It obviously smells like eucalyptus, but the scent is very light. Within 3 uses I could see and feel the difference. My feet are softer, no longer ashy even on days when I skip my foot cream and I don’t have that dry burning sensation any more. Usually I need to reapply foot cream 2- 3 times between showers and with this foot cream I do not. This cream is also great for a soothing foot massage after a long day on your feet!

Edorai Soft Silky, Sensual foot cream is cruelty free and paraben free!

Right now you can save 15% off all orders with code AVIYR

Stay Beautiful,
Avi Y. R


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  1. Omg I love a good food cream… u always have such a dry skin and I love it when it feels so soft! This one sounds amazing!


  2. This sounds amazing! My feet are not a pretty sight.


  3. It seams like a really good one.


  4. It sounds promising! Need to check this out


  5. This Foot Cream sounds amazing.
    Most foot cream doesn’t do a perfect job so I’m very curious about it..😊😊😊😊😊


  6. My feet could use that!


  7. My feet could definitely use some care! This sounds GREAT!😍😉👍


  8. Omg I need this product! Walking in heels has destroyed my feet. Every night I’m doing different routines but nothing works.


  9. I can wait to use my sandals again, you are so right I need to think about getting my feet looking nice. Thanks for the recommendation I will check it out


  10. Wow! That sounds super nice!


  11. The coupon is live now on the site. We also have a Friend pack and a Family pack now!


  12. This sounds amazing! I need to pamper my feet more.


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