Belly Crush Weight Loss Cookies?!

Hello Everyone!

How is your 2020 fitness/ weightloss journey going? I must say having little kids who snack all the time makes it hard for me to stick to a diet. How can I, when I spend all day staring a delicious cookies, cakes, chocolates and cleaning up the crumbs after? I started looking into healthy snacks, the ones that didn’t cause me to gain 5lbs just by smelling it.

That’s when I came across a campaign for Belly Crush Weight Management. I had never heard of the brand before but when I heard weight management cookies I was like oh yea! I applied to the campaign and this post is a paid partnership.

Belly Crush cookies are high fiber snacks, made with yellow pea fiber which has been proven to help curb hunger which results in few calories consumed.


The Flavors I received to try were Oatmeal & Hemp and Ginger & Flax. Inside the box, cookies are individually wrapped in pain foil packaging. This is great to keep in your purse or office draw, you will not get hungry or crave it just by looking at the pack. The serving size is 1 cookie which is 170 calories. Now that may seem high but I consumer 1 cookie a day. The first time I tried it, I was starving so I ate and entire cookie. I still felt hungry and I was about to eat a second one after all it was delicious, but I decided to wait 10 minutes first and my hunger passed. Now when I feel for a snack or if I’m hungry between meals, I take 1 bite and it curbs my hunger. With this 1 cookie a day, I was able to cut out 2-3 snacks/ meals between my regular 3 meals.


The best part is that it is made with yellow pea fiber. Yellow Pea Fiber has been clinically proven to help: maintain a health body weight and promote natural gut health through the production of healthy bacteria. And it also supports healthy cholesterol levels.

For weight loss it is recommended that you eat 1 cookie 30 minutes before each meal. This will reduce your hunger & cravings so you can eat smaller healthier meals. When I am famished, I tend to crave all sorts of unhealthy meals but if I am less hungry, I will opt for a salad.

Right now you can save 10% off your order with code: AVIYR

Stay Healthy!
Avi Y. R


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