Clearobo 3 by Opove

Hello Everyone,

If you follow me on instagram, you know that this year I decided to test out the Clearobo 3 from Opove (this was gifted to me for review purposes) because Leo was diagnosed with indoor allergies which means we need to try our best to keep our home as clean as possible.

Kids love to play on the floor, it doesn’t matter which room he’s in, or what he’s doing, you turn your back and this kid is lying on the floor with his face no more that 10 inches off the floor. It’s not possible for me to vaccum a 5 bed, 3 bath, 2 floor house daily. I’ve tried but honestly, I only have so much time and energy and we all know how long the list of mommy duties can be. It’s a relief that I can turn on my new Clearobo 3 from Opove and have it do the vacuuming for me. I was quite surprised that despite daily vacuuming in the house, each day it finds so much dust. Yes, the stuff seems to materialize out of thin air or regenerate each day.

The clearobo 3 has great suction, but the added sweepers makes sure nothing is missed. It can be turned on remotely via your cellphone and you can give it directions on where to clean. It automatically stops and returns to the charging base when it’s finished or needs charging. I really love that it’s able to clean under my furniture, regular vacuuming does not clean under your bed, dresser, nightstand etc where dust can build up .

This is great for anyone with allergies, asthma, etc who suffer when they vacuum. .

You can find this vacuum on Amazon by following this link: there’s currently a promo code to save $30: