Save up to $700 on Nebula Cosmos/ Cosmos Max

Hi Luvs,

I hope you are all having a great fall. As the temperatures drop, we are all spending a lot more time indoors. And what’s everyone’s favourite indoor activity? Movie time! Have your heard of Cosmos or Cosmos Max? They are from the brand called Nebula and are the World’s first 4k Home Cinema with 3D audio. I have partnered with Anker to tell you all about these amazing home entertainment systems!

Cosmos Max
Cosmos Max projects your favorite content in stunning 4K UHD, with HDR10 adding new depth and clarity for visuals that fully immerse you in the action. The best part? Cosmos Max features a 150 inch display with a resolution quality of 3840×2160 which is great for catching that Super Bowl game, or family movie nights.  The Cosmos Max also has a 1,500-ANSI lumen LED lamp so that you can stream both day or night.

The  Cosmos Max comes with four 10W speakers, Dolby Digital Plus, and Sound Dimension® technology, too compliment your visual experience with crisp clear audio! You won’t miss a sound with these speakers!

And my favorite feature, Cosmos Max also includes Android 9 so you can enjoy content from all your favorite apps such as Netflix, Youtube, Amazon, Hulu, TED and more!

Yes, this is home cinema at it’s finest! And right now you can save $700 of Cosmos Max here!

cosmos kv-1.jpgCosmos
Nebula Cosmos is a great in home projector for new comers to the home cinema scene! It has HDR10, 1920×1080 resolution, 900 ANSI Lumens, and 2 10w speakers from Dolby Digital Plus Sound Dimension. It also comes with Android 9 technology!

They are both 2.4G/5G Wi-Fi compatible, support bluetooth audio output, have an LED life of 30,000 hours, and support HDMI Interface.

There is so much more great features and specifications that I can’t go into in this post without overwhelming you with tech talk, but you can view a side by side comparison of both on their Kickstarter page!

Huge Savings On Kickstarter
Both Cosmos and Cosmos Max are now available on Kickstarter, with exclusive early bird savings for those quick enough to snap them up.

You can save up to 41% OFF the MSRP, if act now so hurry over and don’t miss this deal of a life time! Click here!

Comos and Cosmos Max are the perfect gift for any movie lover a great addition for your home to make those family movie nights all the more memorable!

What do you think about these home entertainment systems?

Have a good night!
Avi Y.R.


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