Marula Oil

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How much do you know about Marula oil? Marula Oil has been used in Zimbabwe and East Africa for 10,000 + years. Marula oil is amazing for your skin and hair. Marula oil is best for dry skin, and curly/frizzy/ thick hair.

What makes Marula oil so great? Marula Oil is most known of this nutritional, antioxidant, free radical scavenging and moisturizing properties.

Marula oil is high in Oleic acid which penetrates deep into the skin’s surface and replenishes moisture lost by aging or evaporation. It is a powerful ingredient in anti-aging and moisturizing products. Marula oil has the highest concentration of the heavyweight oleic acid.

PSX_20190315_151455.jpgIn component concentration, Oleic is followed by Linoleic acid, which is much lighter. Linoleic acid has been shown to reduce inflammation, acne and increase the skin’s moisture levels. Linoleic acid is a building block for ceramides -one of the skin’s moisturizing elements-.

Marula oil also contains stearic acid which according to Paula Begoun “has been shown to protect skin’s surface against water loss and help shore up skin’s protective barrier.” Stearic acid removes excess dirt and oils from the skin while preventing moisture loss!

Marula oil has a higher antioxidant content than Argan oil, antioxidants are great for your skin since the limit free radicals which damage skin. Antioxidants are important to prevent skin damage.

Marula oil and your hair. Marula oil is has a very high concentration of vitamin C and Oleic acid which makes it effective at protecting the hair from environmental factors such as cold winter winds, harmful UV rays and the all to common, excessive heat from hair styling tools. Marula oil contains vitamins, minerals and antioxidants like vitamin E, essential amino acids, and flavonoids which creates a protective barrier over your hair strands and skin.

20190315_134227-01.jpegWell, marula oil sounds great but with so many options on the market, which do you chose?

I prefer my Virgin Marula Oil to be cold pressed, heating oils up to extract them can break down their nutrient components and make them less effective. Avoid products that bleach the oil for a lighter color or add fragrance to make them smell better. This can irritate the skin.

It’s best to pick oils that are pure and unrefined. I have tried 3-5 different types of 100% pure Marula oil but by far, my favorite is Drunk Elephant’s Virgin Marula Luxury Facial Oil. Drunk Elephant Virgin Marula Oil is 100% fragrance, essential oil, silicone, and irritant-free!

Do you use products with Marula oil?

Stay beautiful,
Avi Y.R.

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  1. I love Marula oil and Carols Daughter brand is amazing there is Marula oil in her products I just love it 😍


  2. Drunk Elephant makes my favorite Marula Oil! My hair and skin couldn’t be happier ❤️!


      • Great article. I love learning about active ingredients & what they do. This was really helpful to me as I kept hearing about marula oil but didn’t know much about it. Which product to you use in your hair- I believe the DE is for skin?
        Hope you’re having a great day & thanks for sharing your life with us. Xo


      • The DE Marula can be used in your hair. My next blog post will be about my current hair care routine!


  3. Hey! Id love to try out these products

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  4. Ooh I’ve never tried oils that much I’m afraid where I have combination skin that I will break out . I had been out of makeup game for so long when I got back in I was freakn our wondering why every is putting oil in their face 😂! So I’m learning 🤗


  5. I love that oil. 👍🏼


  6. Its amazing knowing that this oil can use both hair and skin and how wonderful tjr results is . that’s is why I’ve been wanting to try drunkelepant skincare products because I hear so many amazing things about it. Thanks you for reviews of this products xoxo


  7. Thank you for this very detailed information makes me want to try drunk elephant even more


  8. I have heard about the great hair benefits of Marula oil.. Like it can regrow hair in bald spots😦


  9. I really want to use your products


  10. I’ve never used Marula Oil but it sounds like that’s for sure the one to get!! I’ve heard on Argan oil, and Vitamin C skin benefits, but the Marula seems to be Combining the best of the best!! So instead of keeping my eyes out for Argan Oil ( which I’ve wanted to try ) I will instead keep an eye out for the Marula to get the ultimate skin benefits! Thanks!


  11. I very much enjoyed this post!!! never used Marula Oil nor Drunk elephant products, but after reading this I will have to.


  12. The Ordinary | 100% Cold-Pressed Virgin Marula Oil works just as well as the Drunk Elephant and way less costly!


  13. This is the first time I’ve ever heard of marula oil! I will definitely have to consider it next time because I have severely dry skin! Thanks for the recommendation!


  14. I love drunk elephant products, but never tried the Marula oil yet in any product. I am going to have to try this brand, because I already know it’s a good quality brand.


  15. My First pr package from drunkelephant is on its way and i pray iT is in iT 😂
    After Reading this i want to try iT so badly!!!


  16. I actually need to visit your page everyday fr 🤗 cause I really don’t know nothing bout skin cares


  17. Thank you for your article. My hair and skin couldn’t be happier! ❤️


  18. I love Marula oil for my dry skin


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