Valentine’s Day

Hi Luvs,

I love Valentine’s day! Did you know Valentine’s day had NOTHING to do with romantic love until around the 14th century? Valentine of Terni was beheaded on February 14th  around 278 AD for secretly marrying lovers (soldiers to wives before they left for war) against the wishes of the emperor.

This day was traditionally to honor the great work and sacrifice of a priest but it has since transformed into an overly commercialized holiday where we get hopes disappointed, heart broke, feel loneliness, etc. While I do love receiving and giving presents on Valentine’s Day, I do take a moment to evaluate my love and it’s worth to me. And by that I mean all the relationships in my life that I value -remember it wasn’t about romantic love-. There are people in this world with no one who loves them, no friends, no family, nothing. So I am grateful to have such a large and loving family and a few really good friends.

Do you think about your other relations on Valentine’s day also?

Here’s how we celebrated Valentine’s day!

My husband and I are huge fans of scent candles, my kids love to watch the flames dance and project shadows on the walls. I found this really cute and affordable set of candles on Amazon. These 3 piece La Bellefee candles were only $12.99 and they come in this beautiful gift box with ribbons. It comes in 3 different scents: Rose, Vanilla and Jasmine which are my faves. If you prefer more creative packaging, they have a 4 piece set with scents: Rose, Vanilla, Jasmine and Lavender for only $15.99. This set also comes in a gift box! Which set do you prefer? I personally got both, the 4-piece set for everyday use and the 3 piece set for special days.

PSX_20190215_122220We will be having Freshly for dinner. I absolutely love the convenience of delicious pre cooked meals that you can pop in the microwave! I have tried Green Chef and Hello Fresh and Freshly is honestly my fave. If you want to try them, you can use code: DLVR639 to save $20 of your first order of 6 meals. I highly recommend the Chili and the MeatBalls if they are an option. For Valentine’s day we had the Peppercorn Steak and Terriyaki Salmon cakes. We paired this we a bottle of Louis Jadot 2015 Beaujolais-Villages


Chocolates of course and tones of it! Many of you may remember that both my husband and I broke our phone screens in Cancun, I replaced his phone for Valentine’s day, got him new belts for work, brown & black, at home work out equipment and some Ralph Lauren T-shirts which are his favourite to wear for every occasion.

Growing up my family didn’t really celebrate Valentine’s day which is a good thing. I have not Valentine’s day traditions, so I can create my own traditions with my family. My kids are learning that Valentine’s day is about spending time with loved ones. We had family breakfast and lunch for Valentine’s Day, and Hubs and I had dinner alone after the kids went to bed. I think society puts to much pressure on us to find the one and true love, that we often forget that The One, isn’t the only one to love us. You are loved, by family, friends, etc.


Stay Loved,

Avi Y. R


34 thoughts on “Valentine’s Day

  1. Very well said avi,,, love is not only one it can be your parents too.. valentines are over hyped in this way more that it is only for the one… you truely understood the true meaning of valentines day… loved you blog …. @rumesa498


  2. Finally got a chance to read this. For me Valentine’s if about friendships and love. I dont give in to all the promotions on this day. Plus, I’d rather spend my day with my husband, when ever possible. My husband of 20 years went above and beyond this year with his homemade surprises for our anniversary.


  3. I finally got to know the history of valentines, such a awesome stories and for me valentine is all about gmfamily and love, we’ll celebrate it with someone we love. And thanks for sharing your story. And I love those pictures so many wonderful goodies ❤️❤️❤️🌸


  4. That’s a cute post …. Ur valentine was cool .. I’m happy ull celebrated coz there are so many couples around me who do not celebrate it… It was actually sad to hear that they don’t really care ABT Feb 14…


  5. I totally wish I found your blog earlier! I do think about my other relationships between other people, especially around this holiday because I loss my Uncle the day after back in 2005. I think it’s so important to cherish ALL your relationships and to remember to make every moment count with everyone you love!

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  6. This is such a cute post i completely feel the same valentines day should be about spending time with the loved ones and just cherish each moment ❤️

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  7. We Muslims do not celebrate Valentine’s day but still many Muslims do celebrate. And i think they all should read this blog post that Valentine’s day is not only about romance and all. I too believe it’s about spending time and spreading love with your loves ones, your family first.❤


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