Vacationing as Parents

Hi Luvs,

As you all know I have two amazing kids, Mia & Leo. They are my everything and I spend most of my days with them, well not much only 24hrs/day, 7days/week. Well recently I won an all-inclusive vacation for two from Team Bespoke Travel and decided to travel to Cancun without them; I was excited at all the possibilities of things I could do without them, eat dinner without taking potty breaks, swim without worrying that someone will drown, etc.

37567296_2102828783302290_724505393073487872_nBut as the date drew closer I had the wind knocked out of me by panic. Four days without me, are they going to be sad? What if they felt abandoned? What the hell am I supposed to do for 4 days without them? Of course I wasn’t only one panicking, which didn’t help. My mom was worried the trip was too long and the kids would want to stay with her that long and my husband was worried we wouldn’t know what to do without the kids because it has been 4+ years since we’ve been alone together. (We have probably had 4-5 dates in the past 4 years).

At the end of the day I pretty much decided that I had to do it, the kids needed time away from me and hubs & I needed time to ourselves. We woke up, drove to Newark Nj, got on the plane and headed to Cancun. The flight was peaceful and quiet and then we arrived in paradise. Greeted by the warm Mexico sun and bombarded by everyone trying to sell us tours. Thankfully we were forewarned by Team Bespoke Travel! We got in our shuttle and arrived at our resort, Secret Silversands.


We were welcomed by friendly staff offering us cold towels & chilled champagne to cool down. At that moment I know it was going to be a good vacation, and if it was the champagne talking, well I guess I’ll have to keep the champagne talking all weekend long.

We had both been to Mexico before so we had planned a head of time to have a quite staycation at the resort to rest and unwind after the move and our busy work schedules.



What we did not expect was to see the beach covered by seaweed. It was very disappointing because we both love swimming in the ocean. But, my mom informed me it was the same a few months prior when she visited Punta Cana and a quick Google search informed me that it was a problem that the entire Caribbean was facing. This actually help me feel less disappointed because I know I could not pick a “better location” so to speak. So we committed ourselves to the pool and lots of napping.


Secrets Silversands kept us entertained the entire time we were there.


What I really appreciated was that if you arrived early, they stored your luggage for you and you are allowed to use the facilities and enjoy free meals and drinks. During our stay we saw new guests show up to breakfast even though check in was 3pm. Their meals were still complimentary. The hospitality and friendliness of the staff is the best I’ve seen in all my travels. The staff really did their best to make sure you had a hastle free vacation.

I think my favourite thing was being able to order drinks from the pool and the fact that part of the pool was shaded 24/7.

Our room was beautiful. We overlooked the pool and courtyard. There was a large hot tub, King sized bed, living room and separate shower and bathroom.

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There were several restaurants on site, we loved the first one we tried so much that we went to the same restaurant every night. Why hope for better when you’ve found what’s good for you?


For breakfast and lunch they had an extensive buffet which included cuisine from all over the world. The fresh-baked bread and cheese selection was heaven for my French husband and the BBQ spoke deep into my Caribbean soul.

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We were able to avoid gaining weight from all the delicious food we consumed by swimming 2-3 hours daily. Whenever I travel, I try to pick hotels will a nice pool so I can swim a lot. I’m working hard to get back in shape and I’m not going to regret any part of a vacation because of weight gain.

There was also a craft market on site during our stay. This allowed us to buy souvenirs without exiting the resort.

Buyers tip, always go shopping during the last 30 minutes of any market. This when everything is 50%-70% off.

Our last day we wanted to do something different so tried the Spa. My husband had a fish pedi-cure which was amusing but not very effective, the fish basically just ate wherever and most of his problem areas, were still a problem after the foot treatment. I opted not to do this one because I’m insanely ticklish. Thankfully it was a complimentary add-on to our couple’s massage so we had no regrets. Our couple’s massage cost $160 US It was our first couples massage (we usually opt for separate massages) and it was the best massage either of us had in our life time. This was followed by several hours of relaxation in the hydro spa and more good food.


It was one of the best vacations I have ever had but next time I’ll opt for an all inclusive that welcomes kids so I can take my mom and kids. This way I’ll have a babysitter so I can unwind and not miss them so much. Plus, mom will get some vacation time for herself too.

Being a parent can consume you, but don’t feel guilty for taking time to yourself. Some time to miss your kids can be very beneficial to you relationship with your kids.


Until next time,


Avi Y. R.


36 thoughts on “Vacationing as Parents

  1. I totally relate! Me & my husband need some time away but I know I would feel guilty. I’ve never left my little ones. I’m so glad you & your hubs enjoyed yourselves! It sounds like an amazing vacation spot.

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    1. Honestly if my mom wasn’t available I would never do it. I don’t even use baby sitters. I am overly protective of my kids, but better safe than sorry.


  2. That’s a real worry of mine too. Traveling without kids and leaving someone else responsible for them. Looks like everything turned out perfect!! Love all your photos, and so glad you had fun with your husband. Looks like the perfect getaway!

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  3. The hotel looks beautiful and I’m sure you had a wonderful time over there. I’m sure your kids will enjoy Cancun if you take them there. Have you heard of the Xcaret Park? I’m sure you all would love it!

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  4. Love all the photos! Happy you guys got some time for yourselves, think it should be something you should dedicate to doing once a year cause every couple needs that time to spend with each other, to fall in love all over again…

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  5. Wow, these pics are truly breathtaking my dear. Thank you for sharing this with us, and giving such a great review. I’m so glad you and your husband had a great time together, even without the kiddos. Sometimes we definitely need a break, or just time together to remember why we fell in love, or even, fall back in love again 🙂

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  6. Sounds nice and relaxing. Your pictures look beautiful! A friend was just married in Punta Cana and there was so much smelly seaweed everywhere. I read about it being in other parts of the Caribbean too, so when my husband and I needed a relaxing getaway I booked us a vacation to Aruba. Beaches were clear!

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  7. Wow! It seems like you guys had an amazing trip😎 the pictures are so beautiful😍 sounds really relaxing☺ yes sometimes we should get some break from our daily routines+our daily responsibilities of kids, house etc… It is really helpful Aviyr. Thankyou for sharing your amazing time of vacations to all of us🏊‍♂️🌁🥗💏


  8. I am going to start off by saying .. I dont have kids LOL, so I cannot imagine what it felt like to leave them behind but I am glad you and your hubby got to spend some time to yourselves re-charging your batteries… sometimes you just have to.


  9. Awwww so good to see you both had a wonderful vacation, just the two of you! Your worries about the kids and what to do is understandable, but it’s also important to have quality time with your husband (with who your family all began). Looks like an amazing location too! And yeah somewhat 4 years ago in Punta Cana it was the same thing with the seaweed :/ but lucky that pools exist! Haha x


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