All Mascaras are NOT created Equal

Hi Luvs,

Today I’m going to talk about my FAVORITE make up product and that is mascara. I wear mascara 85% of the time while I wear make up 30% of the time. My recent instagram live moments with my Rafiki look probably gave you guys an idea of how quickly I remove my make up after doing my looks.  While it’s true I can’t really rock a rafiki look in public and expect the respect of total strangers, I usually don’t keep make up on for more that a few hours except for special occasions. But I digress, let’s get back on topic MASCARA!

In this post I will review: Too Faced Better Than Sex,  Clarins Supra Volume, Almay One Touch, Benefit They’re Real and Idun Minerals EIR Ultimate Volume Mascaras. Firstly, let me preface this by saying a received the Too Faced better than sex mascara as part of my ipsy subscription, the Clarins Supra Volume Mascara and Idun Minerals EIR Ultimate Volume complimentary through Octoly, and the Benefit They’re Real mascara was a gift from a friend. Most of my life I used E.L.F. Cosmetics mascara or my mom’s clinique because I was a broke college kid and I preferred to spend my money on travel rather than make up. I have been blessed with thick full lashes so I was unaware of the power of mascara. After 4 years au natural and starting back to wear make up in the era of Instamakeup where everyone uses false lashes I needed to make an Effort.

I bought the Almay One touch mascara because I came across in the store and thought oh I’ve missed macara, why not. While it did coat my lashes and make it bolder it is very clumpy. Very often when I use this I need to use a clean mascara brush to separate my lashes so it doesn’t look like a hot mess.

This is why I was thrilled when I finally tried my Too Faced Better Than Sex mascara from ipsy. Honestly I had no idea what Too Faced was or the greatness that this bottle contained. I continued using my Almay for about a month until I couldn’t find it and needed mascara. I am lucky my Almay one touch was momentarily misplaced because WOW this mascara is amazing. I won’t say it’s better than sex but it’s almost as good. Whenever I use this Mascara, it looks like i’m wearing false lashes which is great! The applicator is great at coating each lash and keeping them from clumping together. This was my awakening moment to the power of mascara. You can purchase yours here from Too Faced Cosmetics.

For a while I thought that the Too Faced Better than Sex mascara was the holy grail of Mascara and that no other mascara could match it’s lash transforming powers. This was a pretty bold assumption considering I had only used 4 mascaras before (Clinique, Elf, Almay and Too Faced), so clearly I was a mascara expert at this point! I recently received the Clarins Supra Volume Mascara and it was a humbling experience. While I expected great things from this amazing French brand, what I got was so much more. From the cute red box to the elegant and luxurious gold tube and the size of the tube. Really after having used the Too Faced for a month, I felt like I was holding mom’s Mascara. Size does matter even with product packaging. The actual product itself was great. It has the same effect as the Too Faced Better than Sex mascara when it comes to lengthening my lashes and making them bolder BUT there over all look was neater. With the Clarins Supra Volume Mascara my lashes looked smooth and naturally bold. This is now my go to Mascara, but when I travel I pack my Too Faced Better than Sex Mascara as it is smaller. You can grab your Clarins Supra Volume Mascara here and try it out for yourself!

After such pleasant experiences I was quick to try the Idun Minerals EIR ultimate Volume and the Benefit They’re Real mascaras as soon as I received them. This benefit mascara has been the best selling prestige mascara in the US for several years and has won awards from: Allure, Temptalia and Glamour. With all that hype you can expect great things and I certainly wasn’t disappointed. From it’s unique packaging and amazing brush design to its flawless application. What I love about this applicator is that it is not brushy like most other mascaras.  The length of the applicator strands are significantly shorter than most others which means you can put on your mascara without smudging it unto an hour’s work of blending eye shadow. Everyone really should have one of these!

With such great experiences, it is a tough line up for Idun Minerals to follow. While this mascara does not give you the same bold look it is a buildable mascara. Which means you can layer it up for a bolder and fuller look without it getting clump. The formula is very smooth and gives a natural looking and flawless coat. This one I would most likely use when applying false lashes or not wearing make up and I’m not in need of dramatic eyelash transformation. You can get your Idun Minerals Mascara here, they have a 20% off promotion through the end of June.

Keep those lashes bold and clump free!




29 thoughts on “All Mascaras are NOT created Equal

  1. Hello miss avi that very good information about mascara.
    I do really addictive in mascara and i can’t leave in home without it.
    My struggle about mascara when I removed it take long time. And after that my eyes look funny because it’s look like I have black eyes. Heheheh
    I don’t buy also make up most of my make up was gift from my sister- inlaw. I’m to shy my husband ask and buy me because I’m workless after I’m move in his country so most the time I spend my time home.
    By the way I use mascara lamene brand it’s also good and maybilline … thank you for that nice info. I’m hope I try those products someday because it’s very good reviews from.


    1. Hi,
      Try using coconut oil to remove your Mascara. It’s effective and also very good for your lashes.

      I know how you feel about not buying make up when you don’t work. I went Au Nautral after moving to France were I didn’t work and everything was insanely over priced.

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      1. Hello miss avi.
        Thank you for your advice I must try it. Yes it’s very expensive to leave in European country. Everything was expensive. .
        You have very wonderful blog miss avi . 😊


  2. Great information. Thanks for taking the time to research. I tried Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara & Benefit They’re Real, let me just add that I have very sparse lashes! So, needless to say they did not work for me. I literally went on a mascara hunt down at Ulta & CVS. I finally got some quality assistance by an Ulta representative that recommendted Lancome Grandiose Extreme , I use that with Loreal Voluminous Primer & let me say how pleasantly suprised I was at this $5.00 primer from Target. It really gave my lashes a boost to the likes of which I have never seen before! Another mascara that was recimmended to me by an Ulta Corporate Representative was Per-fekt mascara along with their translucent skin perfection gel. Only certain Ultas carry the Per-fekt brand. That’s how I found the Lancome Grandiose. So glad to hear your honesty about makeup. I do not wear it every day but I too also put on mascara & liquid lipstick or just a lip moisturizer instead of a full face daily.


    1. Two Lancome Mascaras including this one is en route to me! Now I’m really excited to try the Grandiose! I’ll let you know how I like them.


  3. This article is actually very helpful to me. I’m using Covergirl lashblast and I hate it. It’s super clumpy. I’ve been meaning to buy a new one but I got too lazy and just forgot about it. I’m going to look into the ones you like. Thanks.


  4. Thank you so much for this post!!! Always looking for mascaras. You saved me from buying and testing all of them myself ☺️


  5. Thanks love for the info i have long lashes also but i am a big mascara person or maybe its something im just picky with i love maybelline lash sensational i really want to try roller lash and toofaced better than sex my lashes are longg but i will always take extra volume


  6. The big headache was when I was removing mascara. It spreads all over my eyes. But now I am using a Two faced mascara, it removes so easily and the results of this Two Faced mascara is the best as compared to others☺


  7. Coconut oil to remove mascara sounds great. My eye makeup remover never seems to get it all. I must try, thanks for the review


  8. When I saw Better Than Sex, my eyes lit up. After reading about the other mascaras and the differences, I think I’m gonna experiment with the Clarins one next. I thought there was nothing better than the Better than Sex one but I’ll def take your advice on this one. Can never go wrong with finding a better mascara !


    1. I actually only tried better than sex because I got it from ipsy. I love Clarins. Always great products and their elegant packaging is just my taste 😍


  9. Im really loving the too face better than mascara for real, and the only downaide that i dont like about it is that it has fall out in a couple of houra. Yes it really makes my lashes more longer and bolumised but over all i do liking it!


  10. Thank you so much for this lovely post. I love mascaras which lengthen, curl and volumizes one’s lashes at the same time.


  11. I’m excited to try out this mascara I use better than sex now!!! But next time I need to buy mascara I’m going to try it out!!!


  12. Benefits mascaras are always on my top faves list, my fave used to be They’re Real and now is the Roller lash, they kinda change with time lol My absolutely top fave is Lancome Hypnose drama, best mascara ever


  13. I have a difficult time finding mascara, typically it irritates my eyes and makes me look like I have been crying. It was not until recently that I tried the Thrivecausmetics one.. and OMG!!! I love it.. have you tried that one yet?


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