Getting naked with Get dirty NY

Hi luvs,

Lately I’ve been trying out the Get Dirty NY coffee scrub. I have been eyeing all of these coffee scrubs on instagram thinking to myself how funny, I have been using my coffee grounds this way before it was a thing. I am a coffee addict. The only thing I love more than coffee is probably wine and chocolate but you can’t really have 10 cups of wine or chocolate daily without someone telling you something about it. I also love coconut oil. I have been using it for as long as I can remember, some of my oldest memories are of my mom and dad making coconut oil. When I saw that Get Dirty NY incorporated my two favorite home made beauty products I had to try it.

This scrub is made with locally sourced Arabica Coffee (mmmm), unrefined virgin coconut oil, unrefined sweet almond oil and organic essential oils. ALL things I love, so I was not the least bit hesitant to try it. Now it smells like coffee but sadly it’s not the oh my holy morning mother of my soul coffee smell. I was quite disappointed but then I remembered it’s not coffee. Of course it has a strong coffee smell but it’s mixed with oils that have their own scent and while it didn’t smell bad, it didn’t smell so great either.

Exfoliating is something that is good to remove dirty and dead skin but if you have super dry skin it can strip away what little moisture is left on your skin and dry it out even more. If I exfoliate more that 2x a week my face gets dry and peels like I’m a snake shedding skin. This is the main reason I’m so happy I discovered this scrub. It strips away dirt and dead skin while moisturizing. All of the oils in this scrub leaves your skin a bit oily after use but then it quickly absorbed into my skin within 5 minutes and my face was glowing. Other exfoliators  leave my skin dry and dull, so I was thrilled with the results!



Pic of me post getting dirty!

I’m happy that they have given me extra to share with you all.

I will be giving away two packs of their scrub, one on instagram and one on my blog. My instagram give away is up now and will end on May 29th. You can enter here. I will randomly select one of my active blog subscribers to receive one pack of these scrubs on June 30th.





19 thoughts on “Getting naked with Get dirty NY

  1. Haha I read it and I forgot what I’m supposed to do. Lol lol (this old brain) But, I know I would just love this scrub because I use all of the ingredients you mentioned in different ways, not together like this, like you said. Sweet almond oil is one of my faves for skincare – and I wish I could post a pic of my essential oil collection. I have over 100 vials. My skin has been so clear since I went to the natural side! I want to try this!!!!


  2. And we’re twins with the coffee issue…I have a VIP pass at Tim Hortons, and I just recently purchased and industrial sized percolator (40 cups) because a regular sized coffee brewer wasn’t enough for me. But then again, I don’t sleep so…


    1. Ah yes that’s the down side of coffee scrubs, the clean up sucks. But I was doing this with regular coffee before I tried the scrub so I expected the mess.


  3. My gorgeous friend!! Love your posts/blog! 💕 I always need new skin care. I wonder how this would work for my oily skin?


  4. Aaaah! ❤ I've been wanting to try a coffee body scrub. I was tempted to make my own scrub, but this option is a lot easier. If I don't win, I may have to buy it. 🙂


  5. I’ve been using the Himalaya facecrub forever am definitely going to hive this a try! I am more of a tea person but heyyyy who doesn’t love the smell of coffee? One more holy grail ingredient is aloe vera for skin! Its like a glass of water for your skin! Also thanks to your blog,I am paying more attention to my skin!


  6. Lovely picture! 😊 I suffer from eczema every since childhood and so whenever I use any kind of a scrub over my body, it automatically begins giving me the burning sensation. So I try avoiding it even though I too wish to exfoliate my skin.


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