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Infinite Vibes Co

Bath time! It’s my favorite time of the day. You know the time when you try to unwind with toddlers banging at the door as if the were SWAT about raid your house. And you’re wondering how long the door will hold up but you are determined to enjoy every last second of freedom you can…

I recently discovered Infinite Vibes Co on instagram and reach out to them to plan a giveaway for you all since I know everyone loves bath bombs.

20170426_120441[1].jpg They happily hooked me up with this lovely bath set for ME and yes we will be giving out a duplicate set to one of you lucky followers!

This set includes, 1 Lemon fizzy bath soak, 1 Sack of liquid confetti,  1 Sack of moisturizing bath melts, 1 Tea cup candle and 2 bath bombs!

I’m finding hard to chose my favorite product from this set. The bath bombs are so fun and as you can see Leo loved it, the bath melts are very good for my dry skin, it allows me to stay in the tub longer and the lemon fizzy bath soak just smells so delicious!

My birthday cake bath bomb was scented in tea tree lavender (not to be confused by the name it smelled like tea tree), I must admit I was a bit disappointed that it didn’t smell like cake but it was cute. I recently pulled a muscle in my back and I was happy to toss it in the tub and soak. While it has a really strong and powerful scent out of the tub, diluted in the tub, the scent was less over powering and actually very relaxing. I was pleasantly surprised. I definitely helped me unwind a bit.

The Lemon fizzy bath soak is 100% the most deliciously scented bath product I have used in a while. Usually I stick with vanilla and lavender so it was a pleasant change. It has a very refreshing and summery feel. Using it on cold NY days, I was dreaming of Summer.

I was not a huge fan of the liquid confetti only because of the glitter. For those of you who have used glitter bath products, I’m sure you are aware that you will find glitter on you when you get out of the tub no matter what you do. But it was really cute watching them in the tub and my kids didn’t mind sparkling like fairies  for the night!

The bath moisturizing bath melts were a first for me. I suffer from really dry skin. Usually my baths end with me have to lotion desperately as my skin is burning from dryness (no it’s not by bath products it happens if I only use water) but with the bath melts I was able to stay in the tub a bit longer!

If you would like to try any of these products, please visit : Infinite Vibes Co

My giveaway with Infinite Vibes Co will be announced on my Instagram on May 14th but if you are impatient you can head over to their instagram page now as they have a 1k giveaway on going until May 19th.





17 thoughts on “Infinite Vibes Co bath products

  1. These bath products sound like great relaxing fun! I haven’t had the chance to try a bath bomb yet but they sound divine,would love to try the lemon fizz soak!I’m sure they all smell amazing too!


  2. I have always wanted to try a bath bomb. I tried to make my own and failed miserably😂 The black looks so cool😍


  3. I love the idea of using bath bombs. 😊 Since I was born and brought up in Qatar itself, I suffer from acute dry skin and these days I am trying very hard not to use more hot water when bathing.


  4. Adore Indie Bath & Beauty Companies!!!! Seems like SO Much More 💖💖💖 . I FINALLY Figured out how to add comment 🤦😊😊😊😊😘. Super Cool & Intriguing Blog Babe @aviyr 😽😻. 🦋


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