Tame your crown

Hey Luvs,

Everyone has been asking for my hair care routine lately. I have been trying a new brand called Keratin de Luxe. All of their products includes Keratin which smooths down your hair cells which overlap to form your hair. Keratin is amazing for smoothing your hair and controlling frizz. As someone with dry and frizz hair, I always need to use hair care products loaded with Keratin to keep my hair soft, smooth and frizz free.

Keratin is a fibrous protein, which is the main structural constituent of hair. That means if you want to have health and strong hair, Keratin is a key ingredient to include in your hair care. If you have weak, thin or brittle hair, there are keratin supplements you can take. Keratin treatment works of the base you have, but it’s best to use it preventative or on newly damaged hair vs hair that has been extensively damaged over the years. If your hair is severely damaged, hair masks and leave in treatments can be very helpful

PSX_20190419_105400.jpgOnce a week I use Keratin de Luxe shampoo and conditioner. They are $15.99 each. The shampoo is a gentle cleanser, it cleanses your hair from excess oil and hair care products without stripping your hair and drying it out. If you have dry frizzy hair you need to find something that cleans your hair and scalp without stripping it dry. I have used some deep clean shampoos that have left my hair wiry and hopeless.

But the most important part of your hair was process is your conditioner. If you can only buy one, get the condition and use a cheaper shampoo. Conditioner replenishes your hair after you strip away much of its natural nutrients in the cleansing process. I like to leave my conditioner in for 10 minutes like a mask. It is important to focus equally on the ends and roots of your hair.

PSX_20190202_174113Adding nutrients to the roots will help you grow healthier hair and focusing on the ends will replenish areas of the hair where natural oils often does not each before your next hair wash.

I also use Keratin de Luxe Premium enriched Hair mask once a month. It takes time for  your hair to absorb nutrients so it is important to mask frequently. They recommend leaving in the mask for 5-10 minutes but I leave mine in for closer to 20 minutes. It leaves my hair so soft that I’m always running my fingers through my hair. This is one of my favourite hair masks. I even use it on Mia because she also has very dry hair.

When you get a Keratin Treatment in the salon, they seal in with heat. I usually flat-iron my hair after using keratin products, this leaves my hair very smooth and soft, and less curly over all.


That is your secret to keeping your hair healthy?

Avi Y.R.


27 thoughts on “Tame your crown

    1. This was a amazing ❤️ I love to learn anything when it comes to skin care, and staying beautiful thank you!


  1. Thank you for sharing your hair care routine. I’m always looking for treatments that help me with frizz, the fall


  2. I swear by the ingredients in Keratin and I always will! The proof is in the Pudding/Hair!! Your hair looks so shiny and strong and HEALTHY!! I’ve never even thought about flat ironing my hair after a Keratin Treatment to seal it all in but it makes perfect sense!! I’m totally going to try it!


  3. Great post!! Always heard about using keratin in my hair but was concerned it would cause my scalp to be way too oily. Will definitely venture into your recommended products!! Totally affordable too!


  4. This may sound gross but i used to put mayonnaise in my hair leave it for a few hours with a Walmart bag wrapped around it! My hair was phenomenal! Now that I have the triplets I don’t have much time for that so I just use L’ange products now. Your hair is beautiful!


  5. Yes! I’ve been using a Keraphix product too. I started using Nexxus Keraphix and I am loving it! And I have never said that about a shampoo and conditioner before! I used to bounce between different ones and never really loved any of them, but I love the way the Keraphix makes my hair feel and look! I’m going to have to check yours out next!


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