Christmas gifts for make up lovers!

Hello Everyone,

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas, and one of the things on everyone’s mind is Holiday gifts! We all want to be that person that gets everyone the perfect gift but with so many holiday collections being released, how do you choose? Well it depends on the person you are shopping for, the most expensive or the most popular are not always your best bet. Here are some of my fave products form what I have tried this year, because we’ve been adding products to our wishlist all year round and want more than just the recent holiday drops.

Urban Decay Born to Run Palette


Of all the palette I received as PR this year, Urban Decay Born to run is one of my favorite palettes. It is the perfect travel palette with a wide array of shades and the perfect balance between matte and shimmer shades. This is perfect for nude, smokey, glam and colorful looks. It’s as versatile as the original morphexjaclynhill palette but it’s significantly smaller and more convenient to travel with.

It also comes with a huge mirror which is something you need to get glammed on the go. Every make up lover either owns this palette, has it on their wish list or needs a back up. I definitely need a back up or two!

Lancome Beauty box:
$65 USD for $422 worth of Lancome products with a $30 Lancome purchase at most retailers but Nordstorm has the full set on sale for $55.25 with $30 pruchase!
PSX_20181212_110944The set includes: 1 Cils Booster XL Super Enhancing Mascara Base (the only mascara primer I used), 1 Bi-Facial Eye Make up Remover. 1 Le Crayon Khol Eyeliner Pencil in Black Ebony, Advanced Genifique Youth Activating Serum, New Advanced Genifque Yeux Youth Activating Smoothing Eye Cream, 1 Train case, 2 Color design Lip Color, 1 Color design Face Palette, 1 Color Design Eyeshadow Palette and 1 Mascara (Monsieur Big or Definicils High definition (color and options vary based on which set you choose). This is such an amazing deal you can divide it into 2 gifts, 1 skincare gift and 1 make up bundle and make 2 people on your list happy for only $55.25!

Smashbox Cosmetics Holidaze Collection:
I love the Classic gold packaging coupled with the boho color explosion on the packaging. This is very unique when compared to all other holiday collections that are all snowflakes, winter-wonderland and Christmas themed.
This set includes:
PSX_20181212_111501.jpg-Contour + Spotlight palette $39.00 (includes 9 shades,: 3 matte contour, bronze and highlight shades, plus 6 complimentary Spot light highlighters -amazing!- )
-Be Legendary Lipstick + Lip mattifier set $29.00 (includes 5 lipsticks in shades: Pretty Social, Honey, Legendary, 9 to 5 and Deal Beaker,  + 1 mattifier).
– Photo Finish Travel Primer trio $22 (Includes the original Photo Finish Smooth + Blur Primer, Photo Finish Primerizer and Photo Finish Primer Water.)
-Always on Liquid Lip Set $29.00: (includes 5 Travel Sized best selling shades: Miss Conduct, Stepping out, Babe Alert, Maneater, XO Vlada and Rust Fund).


-Artist Brush Set: $39.00 (includes Blurring Foundation Brush, Fan Brush, Contour Shadow Brush, Shadow intensifier Brush, Angled Brow Brush and one Envelope styled brush bag)
-Always on Eyeliner set $39.00: (1 full sized Always on liquid liner in black and 4 full sized Always on Gel eye liners in shades: fishnet, brewed, nymph and bubbly).
– Lash + Liner set $23.00 (Includes 1 full sized Full Exposure Mascara, 1 deluxe sized Always on Gel Eyeliner in Fishnet and 1 deluxe size photo finish lash primer).
-Be Legendary Liquid Metal $24 includes 1 full sized be legendary liquid metal in Crimson Chrome.
Most of the Smashbox Collection is 30% off on their website which is a great deal, at least 5 of the parts listed are $20 and under! On a 50 dollar budget? I recommend pairing the Contour + Spotlight Palette with 1 of the lipstick sets.

World of Color 12 Piece Lipstick Collection:
Original price $69.00 but usually on sale for $49.99 on HSN. At $49.99 for this vault, each lipstick only costs $4.17 which is a really good price!

If you are from a large family like me and plan on making gift baskets for a bunch of ladies, you can totally divide these lipsticks into several gift baskets, but the vault case is so cute, you make not want to take them out. This set is perfect for a lipstick lover, wanderlust beauty addict, anyone starting out their make up collection and I can almost guarantee you that even the biggest make up hoarder in your life probably has not even heard of this vault yet!

Bare Minderals Supernova Space Glossary:
This amazing full sized 12 piece collection will melt any beauty lover’s heart and your bank account won’t object. It’s $79 but often on sale for close to $50.
PSX_20181212_111256The Set Includes:
4 lipcolors: 3 Gen Nude in shades: Boss, Tantalize and Can’t Even, and 1 Moxie in shade Daredevil.
1 Fine line micro liner
1 Lashtopia Mega volume Mineral based Mascara
1 Mineral loose eye color in Queen Phyllis
Clear Radiance All-over face color
1 Mineral loose blush in shade Beauty
1 Original Mineral Veil fishing powder (one of my favourite finishing powers.
1 Prime Time original foundation primer
1 Double ended eyeshadow and blush brush.

Valdler make up bag:
Any beauty lover who travels, needs one of this, it’s the best way to keep your zillion beauty products organized while traveling. PSX_20181012_143059.jpgThe compartments are adjustable so you can customize it to fit your favorite products! As you can see, brush storage is separated to keep them protect and there’s another section not visible in this photo. Attach it to your carry on as a personal item or use it as a backpack for the MUA on the go! Get yours here!

Sailormoon Brushes!

Of all the brush sets I’ve posted on instagram, these have by far been the most popular. I originally found these online at Canadian boutique for $90 when searching for the perfect gift for my beauty addicted bestie who loves Sailormoon but I have recently seen them on Amazon for under $20. These brushes come with a cute storage pouch and has everything you need to for full face and eye make up!

This will wow any beauty lover especially Sakura fans. And it won’t hurt your budget. Get yours here!

Innisfree 2018 Holiday My Lip Balm:
This set is only $19 but it includes 5 of the top selling shades of Innisfree My Lip Balm collection. Each tube contains 5g of product making them prefect to carry around in your purse. They come beautifully packaged for the holidays and are only available in limited quantities.
PSX_20181212_110504Shades include:
Wild Hibiscus
Dried Rose Tea
Sunkissed Cherry Tea
Ruby Grapefruit Tea
Wedding Peach Tea

These are prefect your anyone who suffers from dry lips or those now entering in the world of makeup. The shades are on the pink to deep red spectrum which is perfect for the holiday season, straight through Valentine’s day. It would also be a great idea to get the set and divide it as stocking stuffers for the ladies in your life.

These are my top picks for 2018 beauty gifts. I hope this has helped you find the perfect unique gift!

Comment below and tell me what is on your wish list!


Avi Y.R.


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74 thoughts on “Christmas gifts for make up lovers!

      1. Awesome post! I got the born to run mini palette in shortcut and I love it, I’m probably going to purchase the full palette 🎨


  1. How can I get the Innisfree set? Are these like the Kopari ones?? With my illness I get dry mouth and dry lips. I need moisture! I wish I could see Chelsea’s vault up close. ❄️💋🤶🎅


  2. Wow! These all look sooo amazing! Thank you for sharing ♥️♥️♥️ I want a huda palette so bad 😩 lol. I’ve never tried them but I hear they are amazing! And they look gorgeous 😍


    1. I’ve only tried on and I wasn’t very impressed so I didn’t buy any others but the colors in the New Nude looks amazing, but I’m not sure I want to risk the $65


  3. Great post I love all the products I have a good concealer and setting powder on my wish list just trying to figure out what brand LOL


  4. I love the Lancôme Beauty Box 😍! I’ve never tried Lancôme before, but everything looks beautiful ❤️!! The Urban Decay Born to Run palette is gorgeous also!! I could really use a makeup bag! And how adorable are the Sailor Moon brushes 🥰! What great products you’ve reviewed!


  5. My new wishlist favorite is the Kylie winter collection. I think the packaging is so adorable! I also really want the born to run palette & the Fenty lip bombs (including the new shade fu$$y). But mine change all the time lol


  6. These are amazing, thank you! 😍 Since my mom passed away, I don’t celebrate Christmas no more.. So I don’t really have a wish-list. I have nobody to share it with. 😆 But I still can dream though.. I don’t own anything from Huda Beauty & I’m addicted to lipsticks. So if I had a wish-list, that would be on it. And I have the Born To Run Palette, I love it! ♥️


      1. Yeah.. It’s hard & it hurts. I wish I could just skip this whole month and wake up somewhere mid-January. But it is what it is, unfortunately. 😣


      2. Please friend me on Instagram my name is here. Avi won’t mind. I am very sick and stuck in bed most the time. I could use a friend. On IG all I wanted was a friend but everyone is so skeptical. corrieaaron.


    1. I’m sorry to hear about your mom. I’d probably feel the same. But mothers want their kids to be happy always. She will be with you in your memories and in the character of your deeds. Stay strong and find your happiness.


      1. Thank you hun.. And I know my mom would want me to be happy, but I just can’t. Missing her is killing me, the pain becomes unbearable. But makeup is literally my therapy, escape, savior.. So I’ll will keep trying, thank you ♥️


  7. I just got the Lancome Beauty Box as a gift and it is SO pretty! I love your idea of splitting it up to make more gifts! I really wanted to keep it, but the smile on my daughter’s faces will make it all worthwhile! I love following your Instagram to see what you find next! 💕 (@dandybeingtandi)


  8. Damn. Good choice, love the makeup bag/organizer. And such an amazing giveaway, you’re so generous. Would loveeee the new huda beauty nude pallete❤️😭


    1. Wow, everything is pretty! The Urban Decay pallet looks amazing, and that set of 5 lipsticks and matte is gorgeous! All the shade are so stunning! Thanks for this blog!


  9. Wow, everything is pretty! The Urban Decay pallet looks amazing, and that set of 5 lipsticks and matte is gorgeous! All the shade are so stunning! Thanks for this blog!


  10. Yaaaaaaas! Omg. Aviyr, I love reading your blogs. They’re so helpful 💚 . Thanks once again. You’re amazing! 🌸


  11. These are all great ! So pretty! I’ve been dying to try the New Huda Beauty Nude Palette but I can’t afford it… Its a lil too pricey for me. Can you make a blog post about it? I saw you have a pic of it.. What do you think of it? My IG is lefresav. ❤


  12. I am loving your articles hun.. I did not get any make up for Christmas, i got a coffee maker for myself.. Being a mom i neeeed it all the time 😦


  13. This post is very helpful not even for Christmas. But Im getting alot of ideas for New year and friend’s birthdays . Love 🙂


  14. All of that looks gorgeous! I’ve been wanting the nude pallet by HUDA soo bad it’s beautiful! For Christmas I got my sister and sister in law a ulta gift bag which was really cute it was a maroon bag that held a bunch of stuff it came with eyeshadow eyeliner lipstick fingernail polish blush a brush brow gel an many more things they loved it and I got them for a good price so I was definitely happy with them!


  15. Lovely post, Avi! That born to run palette seems so awesome indeed! Wish i had the money to buy all those palletes… i might still do it one day 🤗


  16. Have been eyeing on the smashbox holidaze collection… But mom says no and it’s way to out of my league. But I love your blogs ♥️ thank you xoxo


  17. All time favourite Huda Beauty… Been dreaming ever since the rose gold pallete came out.. And now the new nude pallete. I’m obsessed.. I really wish I could afford it. But your blogs are so nicccee. Thank you. Really enjoy your stuff. ♥️


  18. I actually got the UD Born to Run and I really liked it it had a so many colored to create different looks with really recommend.


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