The Loyo Company

Hi Luvs, Today I'm going to tell you all about the Loyo Company. I discovered this company on instagram and I'm happy I had the opportunity to work with them. I was able to try their AHA face serum and Angel Face creams and it was quite the experience! The Loyo Company was founded by... Continue Reading →

Birthday Giveaway

Prize: 1 Beutelbag tote 1 Claraluxa 24k gold serum 1 120 shade eyeshadow pallet 1 sumbody skincare mani pedi set 1 Foley Soap Company bath set (with bath bomb) 1 Alakaban tea set 1 beauganics cream set 1 bano cosmetic task mask 1 skerderm face mask 1 ELF exfoliator 1 purlisse BB cream Plus other... Continue Reading →

Bleaching your hair strips out every drop of moisture from you hair. Here's my trick to restoring your hair to its original health!

Getting naked with Get dirty NY

Hi luvs, Lately I've been trying out the Get Dirty NY coffee scrub. I have been eyeing all of these coffee scrubs on instagram thinking to myself how funny, I have been using my coffee grounds this way before it was a thing. I am a coffee addict. The only thing I love more than... Continue Reading →

Infinite Vibes Co bath products

Infinite Vibes Co Bath time! It's my favorite time of the day. You know the time when you try to unwind with toddlers banging at the door as if the were SWAT about raid your house. And you're wondering how long the door will hold up but you are determined to enjoy every last second... Continue Reading →

Hi there! Today we are going to talk about one of my favorite brand, Lancome! More specifically, I'm going to tell you about me recent experience with their Visionnaire Crescendo Peel, Bienfait SPF & Matte Shaker Lipstick! It seems like a weird combination of items to create a blog post about but I receive these... Continue Reading →

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