Pomodoro Vacuum Food Containers Reviews

Vacuum sealed containers are the best way to store your food especially if you are like me and often leave things in the fridge for long periods. Vacuum sealing your containers can keep your food fresh up to five times longer. Plus because certain bacterias such as Salmonella and E coli require oxygen to survive, removing oxygen from your container makes your food uninhabitable for them! Because of this, I love to store my meats and fish (especially the ones I plan on using to make sushi ) in my vacuum sealed containers.

Urban Labs gifted me the Pomodoro Vacuum Food Containers Basic Set to review, and they are the only containers I use. My husband loves that they are leak proof making it the perfect, worry free container to carry his meals to work. I also love this perk because when I’m out with the kids, my containers make so many flips in my bag before we get to snack time. Leak proof secure lids are probably the only thing that matters to me when purchasing a container. I also love that it keeps my salad fresh longer. Now I don’t have to eat a whole bag of salad in 1 week before it goes bad, I can stretch that one bag over two weeks and honestly I love my salads but I don’t want to eat it everyday.

The Pomodoro Vacuum Food Containers Basic Set comes with 1 rechargeable automatic vacuum pump, two 27.1 oz containers and 1 47.3 oz contain. It is made out of BPA-Free Food Grade Plastic. It’s great for marinating, vacuum sealing reduces the pressure inside the containers, the low pressure causes a suction where the meat pulls in the liquids it is surrounded by. You can get perfectly marinated meat in 30 minutes. This hack is a huge life saver for anyone like me who forgets to prep their meals ahead of time.

While I love the set I receive, if it’s in your budget I would recommend getting a larger set with more containers. I really love these containers and use them all the time, even when I am not using the vacuum seal function. I plan on buying more sets, there are options to purchase additional containers without the vacuum since I already own the vacuum. The containers are beautiful, sturdy and reliable. If you are a first time buyer, you can use code AVIYR-10 to save 10 % off your first order!

What is the most important thing to you when choosing which containers you purchase?


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