Costoffs Flower Stand Review

Plants are keeping me sane through all that’s happening in the world right now but with my significant increase in plants this past year, I needed a place to put them all.

I had been eyeing this four layer wooden flower stand from Costoff since last summer and when I was offered the opportunity to receive it complimentary to review, I jumped on the opportunity!

The first thing I noticed when I opened the package was how well protected the pieces were packed. It was properly wrapped to avoid the pieces scratching each other.

The second thing I noticed was how well it was designed to improve sturdiness. Yes, you secure the pieces together with nuts and bolts, but in addition to that, there are grooves carved into the wood so the piece are both bolt to the side but resting partially on the piece it’s attached to. When you have furniture that you move around daily, having it securely attached with pieces that fit into each other is a great bonus! You worry less about the pieces coming apart.

However, I believe the most important detail was the precise assembly instructions. Each part was labelled with letters or numberd and each instruction step listed the corresponding part labels.

This makes it easy to be sure that you are putting the right pieces together and avoid any mistakes.

I was able to assemble the entire structure in half hour by myself.

I styled it with a combination of plants (in ceramic pots) and my favorite books! These are pretty heavy and it does not hinder the ability to roll. I like to be able to put my plants in direct sunlight for an hour in the morning and them move the back in place so my view through the windows are clear.

You can save 15% of your order using code CO15 . You can find the link to the Costoffs flower stand here.

I personally will be needing another one soon!

Stay Safe,



41 thoughts on “Costoffs Flower Stand Review

    1. Yes, I really live to give my plants space to grow, and I love this this shelf allows me to do that and because of the design, they each get adequate sunlight.


  1. This is amazing, I love plants too, but I can’t have it inside because I have a cat. I soon I move to a new place I’ll totally check it out ☺️💐


  2. This is so pretty! I love that it’s on wheels and can be moved around easily throughout the day! Live the color of the wood too!


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