Busy Beauty

Hi luvs!

I hope you all had an amazing summer! As you all know I’m a busy mom and I love traveling. Lately I’ve been doing a lot of domestic travel with carry ons only so I was happy to receive this Shower in a box from Busy Beauty to review!

Busy Beauty is cruelty free, vegan and paraben free! Busy Beauty products are TSA approved and super convenient. I would even recommend some of these products for your kids to use in school after gym!

PSX_20190901_171245.jpgShowerless Body Wipes!

This is my favourite. These are prefer for those of us who head to events after work, or work double shifts ETC. Each wipe is individually wrapped so they are easy to discreetly keep in your purse or backpack! You just unpack your wipe and wipe your skin to remove dirt, oil and odor! Honestly, having been without hot water or heat for days after hurricane sandy hit, I will always keep these in stock for hurricane season!


Deodorant Wipes:
These wipes are made with Tea Tree oil to remove odor and bacteria,, and Aloe to hydrate your underarms. These are individually wrapped and made with no aluminum. A lot of us who switch to natural deodorants struggle to find one that keeps you covered all day. I have found that using deodorant wipes throughout the day really helps. I always have deodorant wipes/ pads in my purse!



Showerless Shave Gel:
This one I thought was a bit genius. I’m that person who always forgets a spot or forget about shaving all together before vacation. This gel allows you to shave without water. Yup you read that right, Apply, shave and then just rub in the excess as a post shave moisturizer. That’s really convenient since I always need to moisturize after shaving. I may just drop my old shaving cream all together.

PSX_20190901_171408.jpgShowerless Shampoo:
This is a dry shampoo which freshens your hair between washes. Mia Sweats a lot at nights but I can’t wash her hair every morning before school. But dry shampoo has her covered! It’s also great if you hit the gym before work. or have oily hair.

PSX_20190901_171343Showerless Conditioner:
This is made with avocado oil, grape seed oil, jojoba oil, and olive oil! It’s really good to detangle your hair and control frizz. I personally have frizzy hair and always need to reapply oils several time throughout the day. This convenient can be kept in my purse without me worrying about an oily mess. Trust me you need want to spill hair serum or oils in your purse!

Which one of these do you think you need? They currently have a promo going where you can save 20% of your first order!
Find their most up to date coupon codes here: https://dealspotr.com/getcode/GKIay

Stay Fresh!
Avi Y. R



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