Who is Avi Y R


I’m Avi and I’m a beauty blogger. But beauty is not object or subjective, rather it’s a feeling. Ever look in the mirror on a good day and think “Wow I look good” but look in the same mirror the next day and think “ugh I look horrible, I need to…” Your appearance is greatly influenced by your mood and that’s why my blog is focused on finding ways to discover what makes you feel beautiful!

I was born in Trinidad and lived there until I was 14. I grew up relatively close to the Nariva Swamp which is home to over 200 species of bird and 58+ species of mammals so I grew up an animal lover.

I moved to New York at the age of 14 and culture shock does not remotely sum up what happened. Imagine a country girl from a small island (without cable tv or the internet) just dropped in the concrete jungle. Not only is the environment different, I experienced an insane level of cultural bombardment. While hundreds of thousands of tourists visit Trinidad every year, I didn’t live in a highly touristic area and was not exposed to them. My entire cultural education came from watching the Olympics. Now all of a sudden I’m in a melting pot meeting with people from all over the world.

I have since made up for that void in my early education and now I’m an avid traveler. I have lived in Europe, America and the Caribbean and I vacation as often as possible . (3+ times a year).

My adventure has exposed me to new foods, health regimens, skincare and beauty secrets, and I’m going to share them all with you.

So come along for an adventure, the world is at our feet!




87 thoughts on “Who is Avi Y R

  1. Hi Avi. The first paragraph is so true. Sometimes I look in the mirror and feel really beautiful and sometimes when I look I just feel so plain. Never understood it till now. Thanks😘


  2. This is amazing, i really admire your lifestyle, i mean your a very lovely caring mother, a beautiful good wife and most importantly a very powerful women. Keep up your good work i honestly enjoy reading ❤️❤️


  3. I love Your perspective about beauty and I agree especially because I’ve always been driven by feelings when it comes to beauty. Beauty starts from the soul and overcomes your mind, as well as your body…woow… Finaly I found amazing blog that I enjoy reading… What a great feeling. Love the way You think.


  4. Worth reading 💞 you are a thoughtful and gorgeous Mom and wife. I hope I can also be like you one day,looking forward to learn a lot from you.


  5. Following you on Instagram but I am more happy to follow your blog too❤️You write Soo beautifully..love to read your blog posts..


  6. I really enjoy reading your blog!! I’ll come read as soon as I get a notification that you have uploaded another one!! You are an amazing person/woman inside and out! I really enjoyed reading! And really do believe I’ll enjoy anything that you write about!! I started me an account but haven’t actually done anything! You just might be the inspiration that I need!! Thank you so very much! I love what you do!!


  7. Thank you for any other great article. Where else may
    anyone get that type of info in such an ideal way of writing?
    I’ve a presentation next week, and I’m on the look for such information.


    1. Sorry I developed my writing skills in college. I studied classical literature so I have an old fashioned for of writing. I also worked at my college for an English professor so I need to be point with style 🤣🤣


  8. Just found your blog. Very interesting and well written. Can’t wait to hear about your travels and what you’ve learned on them!


  9. I’ve never read a truer string of words.My conception of beauty is how I look to people and that’s honestly so low of me.I hope I have an enlightening journey embarking on your experience and guidance❤️❤️


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